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For this one YOU must create a superhero based on the power sets I give. If needed you can give them gadgets to help them, as long as the gadgets do not give them extra super powers (green lantern ring anyone?). You can choose power set 1 or 2.

Power Set 1.

Swim through air: Yep, just like your in water. The air is resistant like water when you do.

Metal Kinesis: You can move metal in any way you want. So long you can see it. You also have to point your hand in the general direction of the metal you want to influence. This is not magnetism.

Universal Magnetism: You can stick to any surface even while wearing shoes. You can also fire a pink beam from your fists that makes it's target universally magnetic for 15 seconds. It's great for ground locking your foes so bad they can only slide across the floor.

Invisibility: Useful for obvious reasons.

Power Set 2.

Levitation: You can rise up from the ground. Because of this you wear a squirrel wing suit, which enables you to glide based on those principles. Without the suit you would only go one direction---UP.

Optic Freeze Blast-Just like cyclops except that it's a freeze beam that encases stuff in ice. It looks like a wide, vapor ringed beam.

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Why do I get the feeling that you're basically hiring Comic Vine to do your fanfiction characters for you, with all these threads..?

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I just like to see what other peoples ideas are. In truth my fan fiction will be different than the power sets I put in threads. As long as moderators do not object, I see no harm in my posts; given that this is a site about superheroes after all. Most do not think like me so I am not looking to change my ideas unless I see something waay better, which is rare, given what I am looking for.

As far as fanfic goes, I have went through several power sets for my character. I have finally settled down to one power set. Which is unique in that although it makes her quite vulnerable compared to standard superheroes; they work quite well for her universe. I have found that I cannot apply comic ideas of superheroes to my fanfic, so I make her powers suitable for what she will be doing. Lack of being almost invulnerable is traded for softer powers like invisibility and several offensive powers. CIS will keep her alive anyway.

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@lorbo: I'm not sure what exactly it is you want us to do, here. Are we supposed to create a personality and background to go along with the powersets?

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Not if you don't want to. Just a name at the least, maybe a few gadgets. I hardly see how power set one could battle anyone with those powers. Not without gadgets.