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Spider-Man vs. Deadpool: Who would win?

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gotta say Deadpool

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This should be in the battles forum. I would say Spider-Man stomps current Deadpool without his healing factor and wins by a slim margin with Deadpool having the healing factor

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@funnyfishman said:

Spider-Man vs. Deadpool: Who would win?

This has been done before many times.

Also should be put in the battle forums.

Please use the search function and google to see if a battle has been done before.

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Spider-Man would win, even if Deadpool is immortal or not and/or if he has healing factor or not

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spiderman with deadpool with his wits...Parker will eventually invent something that can counter deadpool healing factor

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Spidey would own Deadpool even with guns. Spidey is too quick and he can take a lot of punishment.