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MOS - HC Extended
MOS - HC Extended

Flight while being awesome is also kind of boring in that it is too easy to use. So I have thought of two ways to modify it in video games and also for my fanfic characters.

  1. Character can fly at whatever speed they run without slowing. Fortunately they have no limit to their running speed. The acceleration would be as fast as a normal human, so it would take a while to go really fast. Once they start flying they cannot increase speed, they can only drop out of flight mode and turn it back on again, going whatever speed they are currently moving. This would prevent characters from relying on flight as a crutch all the time. They would definitely have to work for it.

  1. Character can fall upward, forward, or backward. Quicker to go fast but a lot less control, because you can only fall one direction. Granted if your falling forward already while you decide to fall upward, you will still be falling forward for a while; depends on your speed.

Don't you guys think this would be fun for characters? Making flight more of a challenge? I think it would be a cool concept to try for a video game.

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I'm sorry, I didn't understand either of your points. They didn't seem to be written very clearly.