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i am currently in siberia, russia er i was a week ago i traveled to the united states with some friends to a state called ohio. at the airport they left me with no cell phone or nothing i have been staying at a motel since then and am running out of money. my mother doesnt even know i left college she will be worried sick but i need money to get back! what should i do!!

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Go to a phone booth and call your family.

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he's trolling

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What should you do?...

Call your family and go back to school!

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Ha ha!

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Assume a new identity and take up Silat, then prowl the streets from dusk till dawn looking for vagabonds to teach and recruit into your army.

Once you have your army, take the city.

Once you have the city, branch out and repeat the process.

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track down slott and punch him in the schnoz.