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Hey guys,

Let share our things here

What you will do in Vegas If u are there now

for me I will attend all the shows that I like including magicians shows

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( NO one murder me, Tis was a joke )

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@Pyrogram: Lets go dude

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@MUFC_92: :D

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Take my dolls with me.

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If I were in Las Vegas right now...I would be in my hotel room getting ready to draw something as I prop up a chair to face the balcony that is overlooking the city.

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I'd be watching a magic show.

A cheap magic show most likely.

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Go to a buffet.

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Go home.

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I live in Las Vegas... so this is awkward.

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eat coctail shrimp

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I'd try to pick up women, and after about an hour of being rejected, I'd find a comic shop...

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eat lobster...

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Sniper the ground near people's feet from my hotel room balcony. Then laugh hysterically as they squirm.

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@Alchemax_7 Whoa! I think i would just catch a show.

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I'd apply for a job at a Casino.

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I would go to the double down. It's the only dive bar I know of that some what close to the strip, and they have punk shows sometimes. Get drunk, go swimming, and talk like Hunter S. Thompson. I don't gamble.......

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Id go on top of a hotel roof, overlooking the strip would be preferable and smoke cigarettes and pretend im in a 60's mob movie. Also need to have a bitching suit.

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Whore myself out for bus fare, go home, sign up for therapy.

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Male stripper. Cause what happens there stays there, so it can't possibly haunt me in the future.

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Been there.

Done that.

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At this moment? Probably eat breakfast and then look for a gym or maybe go find a trail I could jog. Tonight? Look for a bar with a pool table and hot girls.

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@TheCannon said:

Go home.

Unless you feeling like throwing away your hard earned money to billion dollar corporations there really isn't anything to do there.

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Play video games and talk about cats.

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"Right now" as in me presently?

Well, I'd be in towels (small ones at that) and arrested for public indecency.

"What happens in Vegas..." y'know.