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Welcome to another new episode of...

Hulk rant today about people who bash The Looney Tunes Show, a show on Cartoon Network that came out in 2011. In Hulk's opinion, it was pretty good. Hulk laughed quite a bit watching this show. Hulk think it underserving of the harsh hatred some Looney Tunes fans give it. It got okay reviews. Some people liked it, some people hated it. Common criticisms include, "They're not looney anymore. It's a sitcom. Not enough slapstick".

So, basically, Hulk think that only reason some (only some, it has quite a few fans actually) people hate this show is because it's different from the original. It's not superior to the original, true, but if you're just going to criticize it just because it tries to do something different, then that's a problem. Hulk not talking to anyone specific, just to anyone that hates change. Look, it's not the 40's 50's and 60's anymore. It's 2013. Things will change, whether you like it or not. Whether it's the musical trends, or which celebrities are popular today. That changes every once in a while. Accept it. The Looney Tunes have to adapt too.

Also, people criticize that the Looney Tunes don't act like themselves. Yes they do (well most of them). Bugs is still the sarcastic rabbit he was, Daffy has the mixed between the insane duck who bounces all over the walls from the 40's as well as the self-centered greedy duck from later cartoons. Hulk also like what they did with Lola, taking her away from the days of being a bland sex symbol for furries, to a crazy, absent-minded goof. Hulk think they did Lola a favor with this one. Also, they claim Yosemite Sam doesn't use his guns enough. But, he does use them a few times. They give an explanation in one episode why he doesn't do it as often.

Overall, Hulk think it's not a bad show like some say. Hulk think it's very funny. Flawed, sure, but still funny. Hulk think people need to stop complaining that it doing something different and enjoy it for what it is.

Do you like The Looney Tunes Show? Tell Hulk in the comments now. Do it, or HULK SMASH!

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I don't hate it, but I compare it to the original and just think about how it's definitely not as good.

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i have no problem with the new direction. it just doesn't make me laugh. Daffy does sometimes but that pretty much it.

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I don't hate it, but I compare it to the original and just think about how it's definitely not as good.

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i have no problem with the new direction. it just doesn't make me laugh. Daffy does sometimes but that pretty much it.

Hulk love Daffy. Daffy Hulk's favorite Looney Tunes character.

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I don't hate it, but I compare it to the original and just think about how it's definitely not as good.

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Daffy is the main character, so Bug Bunny fans say it sucks, because finally a funny character is the main star.

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@deathpoolthet1000: Actually my daughter and I have watched every episode and it seems that Bugs and Daffy are about equal on it.

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I liked the show for a bit but then Daffy just drove me away. Might get back into it again as I have enjoyed Bugs and Lola. But man that Daffy just does the same thing over and over. It gets monotonus rather fast. And Foghorn Leghorn...I don't like him that much its just the same thing over and over.

Eventually doing the same joke over and over gets stale. I don't mind the new direction, just that Daffy drives me off the wall.

@blackadamftw said:

I don't hate it, but I compare it to the original and just think about how it's definitely not as good.

This sums it up rather nicely for me as well.

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I love the show,It's like an animated Seinfeld

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They made Lola an actual Looney Tune.

So that's something.

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@joshmightbe: No, the one that moves the storyline is Daffy.

I have been an avid Looney Tunes fan since childhood (27f). I own three of the golden collections and I've given every derivative of the classic cartoon series over the years at least one watch, and of course I HAD to watch "The Looney Tunes Show" when it first aired on Cartoon Network.

I am going to add a spoiler warning here, just in case.

I realized this just watching TV today, when a commercial for "The Looney Tunes Show" came on. It was prominently about Daffy, and the voice-over remarking on how much Daffy seems to steal the spotlight. He's got second billing in the credits, but first go at the laughs.

Now, of course, since Mel Blanc's death, the voices have never been the same. However, these are "reasonable facsimiles" staying true to the characters but still creating new, unique traits to the performances. And I have got to say, the show's great. It's funny, witty, antic-laden and still holding a great continuity. All those things Bugs did in his golden days? All still thing's he's done, in canon, in his youth. This was highlighted in an episode about Daffy's high school reunion. Bugs didn't go to high school because he was busy being an Olympic athlete, fighting in the War, and even being the president of Mexico (among more).

And Daffy's fate? He's as absolutely self-centered and narcissistic as Chuck Jones often showed him to be, but he's also still batshit insane, adopting personalities and weird costumes at the drop of a hat. Daffy's embraced himself as he always was, and Bugs is really keeping the rest of the world safe from him. I still love Bugs, and I love his storylines, but Daffy's antics are often driving the conflict, and Bugs is following him. When was the last time you saw Bugs do that?

Our favorite rabbit gets his share of screen time, and he's still got the charm and the calm ineffability he always had. He takes revenge when revenge is due, but he also takes a few licks for the humor of the viewer. An episode that starts with Bugs winning a Nobel prize in his spare time ends with him having destroyed his house through a series of poor home repair choices made in an effort to put up a shelf. In the end, the home repair was accomplished by Daffy's girlfriend Tina (an amazing character who I will describe later). However, this entire plotline for Bugs was spawned by a single action of Daffy's, when he refused to move a trophy that wasn't even his off a shelf in Bugs' house.

Daffy is pretty much a chaotic deity condensed into a little black duck. I'm going to quote Delirium of the Endless here: "His madness keeps him sane." Daffy's complete craziness is driven by some ridiculous combination of luck and self-absorption, and sometimes he actually comes out a hero in spite of himself. Bugs tamps him down and keeps him from causing too much destruction. This was shown in an episode where Bugs finally has enough of Daffy's lazy freeloading, and tries to put him to work. Daffy goes from pushing a muffin cart to getting posted the CEO's personal assistant on his first day (Foghorn Leghorn as a rich southern gentleman adventurer type). For mouthing off to the rooster and not being a spineless yesman, Daffy goes from nobody to CEO over the course of the plot, and- drumroll, please- completely bankrupts the company. At the end of the episode Bugs realizes that he really can't let Daffy out of his sight, and enabling Daffy's laziness causes less collateral damage.

He steals the plots of many an episode and runs with it, he generates wacky antics, and he might potentially destroy the world, but he's somehow still loveable, and I would say that Tina Russo, Daffy's Jersey-talkin' and totally badass girlfriend, contributes a lot to the betterment of Daffy. She's smart, she's got a tough mouth and she's driven and motivated. And she evens out Daffy by pulling him slightly out of the mess in his head. In one episode Daffy discovers his talent as a hairdresser when Tina enrolls in beauty school and finds it's not for her. If she and Daffy get married, he'd be the stay-at-home-mom. But before you laugh, Daffy took care of Tina's infant nephew and became a supermom in one episode, and he seems to be a little more in touch with his feminine side than even Bugs (who, yes, has cross-dressed already several times). Daffy wears his grandmother's pearls around his neck, and thinks nothing of going to the movies in a schoolgirl outfit with Bugs. I think Tina helps tap into a sweeter side of him because she's strong and authoritative (like Bugs) but also fun and caring.

Bugs "second-fiddle role" is also slyly hinted at through his girlfriend, Lola, who is indeed brought from "Spacejam" but given her own flavor of crazy. If Daffy's chaotic neutral, Lola's chaotic good. She has a good heart but she's a hurricane on her own, perhaps a little more functional and self-reliant than Daffy. But Bugs seems to like the excitement, and he does like Lola, just like he actually likes Daffy, even though they're both crazy and annoying sometimes. Bugs and Daffy have found versions of each other in girlfriends, and as weird that might seem, it's more about one character acting as the "rock" and the other being anchored by that rock. But it goes to show how Bugs relates to Daffy, and Lola. He takes a place behind, to receive and shield the blow of the unpredictable characters.

Overall, I look at this setting as what Bugs and Daffy have "retired" to after their more youthful adventures, and Daffy now has no pressures to be the star. Nor is Bugs interested in keeping up all that pretense, they're friends, and he wants a nice life. He's rich and accomplished. So Daffy finds his niche is sitcom life, and at the end of each season, it's really Daffy coming through, generating laughs in every episode, and stealing hearts in unlikely places all the time.

There hasn't been an incredible amount of self-awareness to this show, as was practically a trademark of the original cartoons. Among the characters, there are a few marked differences in the relationships as well- perhaps leaving the cartoons as mere films in the mutual cast's past- these are their "real life" selves in the universe. Elmer Fudd has not yet been featured as a character interacting with any of the mains, he's the news anchor. The Tasmanian devil is in there, but Bugs has domesticated him as a pet and named him Poochy, thinking he was a dog in his introduction episode. We've got Marvin Martian as an exchange student from Mars, and Pete Puma as sort of the village idiot.

Much of the standard cartoon physics you might recall from the classic toons still apply here, and that adds a lot of flavor to the show. Bugs puts on a wig and smock and accidentally has Speedy (who lives in a mousehole in Bugs' house and owns a successful pizza restaurant) fall in love with him as "Cathy". In another episode, Bugs loses his gloves and replaces them with a pair of black fingerless biker gloves, then becomes a biker. (Both those plots were also Daffy's fault, might I add.) In the same vein, Daffy changed his name to Professor in that episode and went on to thinking he was one, teaching a class and eventually trying to put an end to Bugs' biker ways with trust.

Porky ended the insanity by at last removing the costumes. Porky is a very sensible character throughout all the insanity, but he of course winds up on the end of being taken by Daffy's schemes and pulled into the chaos. Porky is a simple guy, normal and stuffy, and his struggles to get a girlfriend are consistently lampooned (although Petunia will be introduced at some point). Porky's moments to shine are few and far between, but he remains a good sport and a plucky character, despite his pitfalls and foibles.

Much of the time, Daffy is also a target to the rest of the neighborhood, which includes Granny, complete with Tweety and Sylvester, Yosemite Sam, Witch Lezah and Gossamer, Porky, and the goofy gophers Mac and Tosh. It really all comes down to Daffy, who shakes things up often, attracting more animosity and attention, though Bugs and Yosemite Sam have kept up a good rivalry, and Daffy now gets on Witch Lezah's nerves more. Since the show doesn't break the fourth wall much, and Daffy's too self-centered, he doesn't see he's done it at last.

You did it Daffy. You're the star. I can't wait for more.

This guys show this.

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The originals didn't actually have THAT much Slapstick humor.

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@deathpoolthet1000: I like to think that Bugs and Daffy represent opposite sides of the Toon-force. Bugs is generally the good guy and still likable Daffy is always horrible even when he's the good guy. Basically Bugs is a jedi and Daffy is a sith. I know toon-force isn't a real thing they bring up but if it were this is how I think it'd be.

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Its not my cup o' tea, but its not that bad. Classic Looney Tunes, on the otherhand, were as funny sober as they are higher than the Sun and midday.

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People gotta let nostalgia go and view the show as its own canon, stop comparing it to the original Looney Tunes.

Putting aside all prior knowledge, I can say that Looney Tunes Show is hilarious, every episode has me laughing and they did somethng that I didn't think was possible, they made me like Lola Bunny. That's right Lola, the obligatory girl they added to give Bugs a girlfriend in Space Jam, Lola, a Looney Tune that wasn't looney. She's now one of my favorite characters on the show. I'll even go so far as to say it's FUNNIER than classic Looney Tunes. The old show was great, but slapstick can only get me going so far. reminds me of Seinfeld, which is my all time favorite show.

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I strongly dislike the new Looney Tunes cartoon. -shrug- Why? Cuz it sucks.

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This made me laugh so hard.

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I like it actually.

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i like it. seinfeld with looney tunes. more in tone with the times.

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@deathpoolthet1000: Jeez, can't believe you wrote an essay on this.

No i didnt, that why is writte this guys at the end.

@deathpoolthet1000: I like to think that Bugs and Daffy represent opposite sides of the Toon-force. Bugs is generally the good guy and still likable Daffy is always horrible even when he's the good guy. Basically Bugs is a jedi and Daffy is a sith. I know toon-force isn't a real thing they bring up but if it were this is how I think it'd be.

Jedi try to make what the force want, alway with the idea that the Force is light side, Sith try to use the force, Sith are never nice.

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I like it it's good.

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Been watching it since it premiered. Really great show.

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never really payed much attention to shows on cartoon network. maybe ill try a few episodes.