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How much money would someone have to offer you in order for you to agree to dressing up in a large Teletubbie costume and dancing throughout a Disneyland while taking pictures with little children for a day?

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Not sure if it was intentional or not but your post comes off a little snobby, for a lot of people these days a job is a job and the people wearing those "Stupid" costumes are probably just doing what they need to do to get by.

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@joshmightbe: It was mostly a joke, I'm sorry if it sounded snobby. I'll edit out the part were I said stupid.

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Free I guess... I love children... So yeah, if it's just one day, I'll enjoy it for free... Ok maybe free Disneyland food won't hurt... :D

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While I'm tempted to say "a bizzilion gajullion doolarz"... for one day? I can do anything for a day. I'd do it for a thousand bucks or so. I'd hate it but then I'd be a bit richer at the end.

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@rulerofthisuniverse: I wasn't trying to be a jerk there, I just think you could have worded it better.

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@joshmightbe: Its fine, re-reading my post I completely understood what you meant.

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quite a lot. I mean I love kids but it's no fun being a mascot. it's an unfortunate job (not insulting anyone who has the job) because you have to wear such hot costumes and walk around in the hot Disneyland Sun the whole day.

From cracked.com: This is pretty much it.

And even with a fan inside, temperatures in the suit can get to 113 degrees or more, resulting in quick dehydration or heat stroke if you don't excuse yourself repeatedly for water. This must be done strategically, of course, since nobody's allowed to see you with the head off.

So now you have a heavy, wet, furry suit that makes you feel like you're being cooked alive. That suit now smells like a worm's @sshole, and you can never wash it. The material won't allow a good scrub, so you can only dry-clean it. This does diddly squat for the smell, which is why mascots will almost never wear another mascot's head.

Then there are the injuries: yes, the skinny kid in a giant gopher suit is just as likely to get hurt as any athlete. A study of pro sports mascots revealed that more than had suffered a heat-related injury, 44 percent complained of chronic lower back pain and about 20 percent sustained knee injuries at work. And not just sport mascots, either: more than a third of the 1,900 people working at Disney World in 2005 suffered some sort of injury.

For all this, mascots typically pull in $60 or so per night, even at the major league level. The surly kid at 7-Eleven who spits in your coffee and reads magazines all night pulls in more than that.

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$400 a day

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I'd do it for free. I wore a spongebob costume for my internship soooo ^_^

Did you know we have 'spotters'? When it gets too hot or kids get too annoying there's a person nearby we pull on their sleeve which is a sign for "get me the hell away or i'm gonna be slapping some kids!"

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Tree fiddy.

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being a mascot seems terrible especially in disneyland where it's freakin crazy hot in the summer.

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From cracked.com: This is pretty much it.

I remember reading that article. 5 or so jobs that are much harder than you think or something, right? It was really really interesting.

As to answer your question, yeah it's pretty physically straining from what I hear. But a lot of us (I personally don't, but it's not because I have even the slightest problem with it) dress up at conventions, so it's only different in that we get paid! (And we don't get to dress up as whoever we want.) I know, it's different. Just thought I could make the connection.

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Tree fiddy.

"I ain't givin you no tree-fiddy you goddamn Loch Ness monster!"

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30 bucks.

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I am pretty sure the Teletubbies are not owned by Disney so you wouldn't be allowed to enter the park with a full-on costume unless you are willing to get cavity-searched.

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30 bucks an hour....plus a free monster burger

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50 bucks.

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I'd pay them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha no maybe $100-$300.