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Last year I attended my first comic book convention. Paying for the badge was $30 (single day) and bought a couple of Marvel Red Hulk Action figures for $40. Lunch was $8 and bus ticket fare was only $3.50 (got a ride back from a friend) So I would say $81.50.

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...I think we've managed to get into a few of them for either discounted prices or for completely free. Usually my dad is part of a table, so either we pays a portion or he gets covered. Shoot, I know at the last one we went to my dad ended up getting really cool with the guy who runs tables or whatever, so now he can get in whenever he's got something to show off.

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Max like $300.

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I spent about $600 at NYCC last year.

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Last year was my first COMIC CON SAN DIEGO. And between the food, drinks, original art, books and other fun stuff I got prolly like 300 or 350.

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500$$$ for rare, but not old.

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I went last year to my first at NYC and spent like 150.

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I blew $100 within the first 30 minutes when u went to NYCC. As a poor college student, I refused to let myself spend more. My willpower grew three sizes that day.

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I* not u...

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Never was on a con.

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near or over $300

that included a 3-day pass, gas, fluid check, tolls for 3 days, lunch for 2 for 3 days, prints, comics, celeb memorobilia, gifts for sisters kids

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Almost $350

It was then I decieded to just spend less. The prices can be crazy!

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About $80.