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I kinda do.

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Not really.

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Nope... it doesn't work.

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Jk, I kind of do.

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It depends on the situation and the crime but for the most part, it is pretty faulty.

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So many people who have never studied a single letter of the law cry out over how "unfair" they perceive the justice system is, but if you truly look at it, the Justice system is incredibly robust and does its job well 99% of the time. This is of course coming from a Canadian perspective, American justice seems to be a little less robust but definitely not as "corrupt and evil" as some seem to believe.

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I do, because the system works. Just because controversial rulings are the ones to get all of the attention, it doesn't mean that everything is exactly like that. The vast majority of the justice system is efficient and fair. Everyone saying it doesn't needs to look into the subject more, because the numbers are WAY against what you're saying.

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Here is okay, but the US seems to be pretty capitalist orientated...not knowledgeable on it so don't hold it against me :P

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Seems alright.

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Yes I feel it is completely failing. At times I wonder if the judges who let things slide would feel the same if it happened to them or their family

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Not really.

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What is this "justice system" you speak of?

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Yes I do.

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Not at all.

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In my country, I feel it is adequate am confident it will only get better and better and more efficient with time. Probably because I vote and actually care about people in government who make/change/abolish laws.

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In the USA? No.

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Right now, not really.

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As long as the rich and powerful can still get away with white collar crime while a guy that stole to feed his family gets put in jail, no.

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It depends for me...some definite room for improvement in some areas, that's for sure.

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Faith in the justice system? Not sure I would use the word faith, justice is something that as an ideal has to be fought for, argued over, criticized, refined, corrected, improved. One shouldn't just hope for the best or trust that justice will happen. Consequently a justice system can always improve and it can also devalue and weaken. Ideally you would want a justice system to be in an ever constant state of improvement, even if its a really good justice system, that would just mean the improvement is a slow trend from really good to even better. So do I have faith in it? No, but I do trust and recognize it in a general sense as well as acknowledge that things can be worse. I also acknowledge that many are in a constant battle to improve it and many seek to undermine it and I have my place to try and better the system. Some justice systems are better than others and this should be recognized. Other justice systems have a more complicated and difficult environment to adjudicate over, this has to be realized as well. I hold a similar attitude towards people in the sense I don't like to have faith but I like to trust and I trust that people will seek to make things better for themselves and others and that over time most justice systems will benefit from that.

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Not really.

Our justice system is a money-driven, politically corrupt system which is not really concerned with justice.

It's all about who has the money and who has the power.

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It depends. Mostly celebrities can get away with the worst stuff because of money. So I guess not really.

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It depends on the situation and the crime but for the most part, it is pretty faulty.

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The American one.

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Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

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Depends. It works to an extent.

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This and things like it is why I don't have faith in the justice system...

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I have less of a problem with the system than I do people who run it.