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I noticed a couple of people on this site didn't like the show.

Just wondering why.

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I kinda liked the first season.

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I loved season one..season two was decent..after that I kinda became fed up with the characters and the rapidly degrading plotlines.

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Everything after season 1 was a waste of time.

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Why not the others?

Eh, the show started to fall apart from a narrative stand point and I just stopped keeping up with it.

The writers strike didn't help anything really.

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I put up with it until the end of the third season. Didn't even bother watching the fourth season.

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What was wrong with the others?

I know a couple were pissed because Peter's powers were nerfed when he got them synthetically.

I just started watching the show so I wouldn't know. And I also started on the third season. I'm on season 4 right now.

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Yes I love that show! Of course alot of things annoyed me but they were easily pushed to the side... until the season three finale.

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You mean putting Nathan's conscience in Sylar's body?

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Yes. It had some flaws, but hardly what people make them out to be. As far as shows go, it was entertaining enough. It was really nice to see a live action show about superpowers that didn't look horrible. It had some really memorable characters as well as a nicely paced plot. All in all, it was a good show.

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@pfcoolio14: Yeah that was just too weird. But the Matt/Sylar thing was funny and interesting.

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i liked the show but towards the end it wasnt as great as it could be but sylar was awesome but didnt rise to his potential

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I remember watching the first couple of episodes when it first came on, and I really liked it. Then I just never watched it again, even thought I loved it. I do that all the time. Why? I don't know. I hate it.

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I never watched it fully.I started watching the first season but I wasn't really keen with it so in the end I just ended up dropping it.

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