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With all the talk about a new Star Wars film I couldn't help but think of what I'd like to see done and the potential stories that could be made. I know there's a ton of content that could be used from novels and comics and the like but I'm only familiar with the movies.

One of my favorite things about Star Wars and sci-fi in general has always been robots. Don't know why but robot characters have always been so awesome to me. In Star Wars when it comes to droids R2-D2 and C-3P0 come to mind right away. I've always loved these two as they have always been my favorite characters in the films. With a new movie being made though I do wonder about the possibilities of what kind of large scale conflict could drive another trilogy? What kind of hero could we have? But here are the questions that I have for you fine folks.

1. Could a droid serve as the main hero?

2. Do you think they could explore the idea of the possibility of a droid having a soul? Maybe explore what rights does a droid have in the Star Wars universe?

3. What if there could be a possibility just maybe, that a droid could use the force?

Me personally I think these would be awesome ideas! Of course this is just my opinion and you're all welcome to disagree with me as I know this all may sound really silly to many folks but hear me out. What if there could be some heroic droid that was more than just a machine, but was actually alive and even more so, could use the force? Cause in my mind, if a droid could be a force user, that would blow Midi-chlorians out of the equation and in a good way if you ask me.

But I digress, what do you folks think?

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Droids do not have souls and there is no chance of a droid having the Force. Force sensitives get their get connection to the Force through Midichlorians in their cells. Droids have no cells.

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1) I dont see why not,I mean it would be an original take.

2) Droids where created by other people,IG 88 is a very interesting and underrated and under appreciated character,who tried to start a droid revolution of sorts.

3) Droids where created by people,because they where not products of the force they cannot tap into and use the force that's why organic beings can as they are products of the force.

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I kinda discussed some of these things with a few friends of mine I know locally, and from what I gathered, yeah idea 2 and 3 sound kinda silly and in retrospect may very well go against what Star Wars means and the idea behind the universe and fiction. So yeah those ideas were pretty much me snowballing and in retrospect, not very great.

I still like my first idea though of just having a droid be the main hero. Yeah it may just be my droid loving fan-boyism talking here but I think it'd be an original idea. I know some would complain about not being able to relate to a character that's not human or even alive for that matter. But I still think a droid could be a relatable character if you put it in the right situation and tell a good story. And even if we don't relate it could still be a likable character.

Also I want to point out that I use the word "it" simply because the idea of droids not having gender or to just assume that it would be a droid with male characteristics. What about one that would have female characteristics? Yes droids don't have gender but we still identify them as such. We all refer to C-3P0 as "he" and the same with R2-D2 (course I've had some friends refer to R2 as a "she" but let's not get into that. I'd rather not argue).

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I love the idea. I would love to see a movie starring HK-47.