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Hi everyone,

I don't know how normal it is to post collaboration requests in this forum, but I decided it couldn't hurt to try. I represent Catalytic Productions, a group of aspiring comickers who are looking for enthusiastic members to join us in making webcomics. Our aim is to produce quality comics spanning a range of genres which people can read and be entertained by for free.

We're most in need of artists to help us carry out our projects, though we're also on the lookout for editors and screentoners/shaders. I ought to make it clear that we are not offering payment to anyone, as we don't make any money from our comics. Instead we're offering a collaboration on some interesting projects and as much exposure for your work as we can manage. For examples of work we've already produced, see the thumbnails below. :)

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

I'm afraid we don't have any superhero projects in the works, unless you count our spoof comic about a guy in a teatowel cape trying to save the world through playing dominoes. xD But the cast of our comics projects includes chess pieces come to life, a group of circus performers with special powers, a killer butterfly, dystopian cyberpunk hackers and a few more besides. We're always looking to try new and creative things with our comics. If all of this sounds appealing to you, then please get in touch about a position :D More details about any of our projects are available on request. Just email catalyticproductions@gmail.com or post in this thread :)

Thanks for reading!

Catalytic Productions

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Anyone? xD

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Unfortunately, I'm not an artist, but I'd be interested in seeing your work if you have some finished products. :)