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FREAKING E-BOOK! Why the Hell not just release a prequel like they did with Bioshock: Rapture? I'd much rather have a physical paper object than a bunch of data on a useless tablet that one could just waste cash on getting an IPad mini for the exact same (plus extra) features.

So, essentially, like with the Rapture prequel, Columbia will get some fleshing out in a literary prequel co-written, if I remember, by Ken Levine, one of the brains behind the Bioshock mythos.

Now, I'm hyper excited for the game and prequels; Rapture was excellent in explaining the people and how the city was built, as well as dropping hints as to what lead into the making of Big Daddies and Little Sisters, as well as the decaying of the city and the spread of the collective Rapture Family.

Now I want to see why the city was built in the air, what the deal is with a giant inflatable chicken molesting people with his claws and how the Hell did 1912 people figure out grafting and head transplantation before even real life humans have yet to figure out how to keep donated organs from freaking out all over the place.

Hopefully a physical copy will be released. If not, then I'll be a sad sad fan (and figure out how to read it like I did with the Tortured Souls excerpts.)