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Alright reached over 100. BAM!

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Voted maybe, because for quite some time I kinda had like a hiatus from posting on the Vine until just recently.

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No, because I've been a member for 3 years, and see how many posts I have!

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Yup, I post daily usually.

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Sometimes. Some days I really don't feel like posting anything and I just look over the different threads. Some days I post all over the place.

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Yes I post nearly everyday on different threads.

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wayyyyyyyyyyy too frequent

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@mrdecepticonleader said:

Yes I post nearly everyday on different threads.

This. Although recently, I've been posting nowhere near as much as I did a few months ago.

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I picked don't care. Sure, I might post every single day but I'm not that comic pedantic and I talk about nothing.

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Yep. There is no doubt.

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Although I can go weeks without posting

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I wanted to vote "i dont know" but i made a mistake and voted "i dont care". Anyway, both of those answers are true : I dont know and i dont care. There are periods where i post a lot, other time i disappear from days to months. I'm a member for nearly 3 years and i have yet to reach the 1500 posts mark.

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Of course.

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Suppose I am even though I put maybe

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Any other answer other than "A" would be a lie in my case lol

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**cough** No, not at all.... >_>

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Not anymore. Used to be.

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I'd say so but I write and message members more than posting on a daily basis.

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I'm on the Top Posters List. But I'm going to say no lol