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Pretty averaga list!

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Superman the Movie could have bumped Harvey off the list. Harvey is a bit overrated, probably because Jimmy Stewart is in it.

It's harder to fit The Matrix into it's respective category... maybe take "the Day the Earth..." Tough call there.

It seems like "Notorious" should have been included in the Mystery category and "Shawshank" in... Epics?

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On Epic, Schindler's List was a good movie but not the third most Epic. I agree with Lexi, 'Wind should at least be in the top three and 'Ryan in the Top 5. Braveheart should be either in Fantasy or Epic genre's too.

I didn't know why they didn't add Horror or Comedy to the list of Genre's until I counted the number of Genre's that they did have: 10. But I'd say to take out Romantic Comedy and Courtroom (which are more like a sub-genres). Like someone commented on the ref. site, Horror and Comedy are the oldest most genre in the history of Film.

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citizen's kane

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"Meh" list.

No horror category? What's the deal?

No comedy, but romantic comedy? Huh?

Finally, they should've made a exception to only American made movies, and inserted The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly into the Westerns....maybe even number one. I don't care if it's Italian-put it in there anyways.

Unforgiven should be a bit higher too., IMO....