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Ok So i'm at 10 post. If I waite 24 hours from now does that mean I wont run out of post credits anymore? I never tried it like this before since the system says you can only post 6 posts per day until you reach a high enough post count.

So usually you can post 6 post when you make an account and the next day another 6 post which = 12 posts, then no more for another 24 hours. then after that you can post as many as you like all day.

What if I waited 24 hours after 10 post? Would I be able to post as much as I like after this or would it only go up to 16 post and I have to waite again?

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Hello! Welcome to the Vine! I believe after 15 posts you can type unlimited on here? I don't know if it's exactly 24 hours from now when you're able to post again. I believe so but the timer I've heard works differently with timezones or something. In another day you should be able to post regularly though. =)

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@PredatorX: Welcome.

Don't worry you'll be there before you know it.