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We all know that word has been circling about Nightcrawler returning, but whose team will he join when he returns? I have a feeling they will place him with the Avengers because the Avengers are expanding their roster, they could use a teleporter, and he might feel a certain type of way towards his teammates because of all the craziness going on with them (cyclops killing prof x, x-men fighting the avengers, uncanny x-men are fugitives, original x-men returning, etc). I have a feeling that someone will convince Kurt to join the Avengers, but then again i might be wrong. (And i will be very upset if he did join them)

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The Avengers already have a teleporter who's skills are better than Kurt's

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Good question, I'd say Scott, it would help him Logan bury the hatchet.

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I want him to stay with the team that brings him back, I really don't think it would make any sense to have join the Avengers or Cyclops's team. I do like the idea of him being the one to mend the rift in the X-men that would be cool.