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Hurry before it's gone! Including their Supermoves, Ares is pretty neat.

"Only a fool would challenge me at my own game!"

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@laserlambert: Good work man, been looking for this but I've been occupied with other things lately! Great work!

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Ares seems really cool, great find!

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Pretty cool, thanks for the video! I've heard a lot of Injustice stuff has been leaked recently, even the full story mode

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@jldoom: Oh man, please tell me you heard who the 4 dlc characters!

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@ccraft: Unfortunately, the DLC characters weren't among the leaked stuff. The stuff that was leaked was the story mode, training mode footage and Ares and Killer Frost gameplay footage, that's all

I personally haven't seen or searched for any of these

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Whoa, Ares can turn invisible? He's definitely gonna be one of my mains (the others being Cyborg and Flash).

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wow great video ares should have won