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I personally wish for Moondragon and Phyla vell to return somehow( i know they are dead or at least phyla vell is) i would also like to see Mantis return.

As for new members. I think Xavin( previously seen in the runaways) would be an intresting member for a little bit. I think Xavin would find them after maybe escaping the Majesdanian's. She would be trying to get back to earth and Karolina, but ends up teaming up with the GotG for awhile. Eventually making her way back to earth.

What characters would you like to see join the Guardians Of the Galaxy?

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Character.... i'd like to see Adam Warlock make a comeback, WITHOUT his magus persona. In my opinion, Gotg is missing a thor level character. I too am getting sick of heroes vs heroes (avengers vs gotg), but Warlock is there as a counter measure character, and also for his awesome magic abilities.

Another good character on the GotG is Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)... take her of the Avengers... there's already to many powerhouses on that team.

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As said above Adam Warlock, that guy was awesome :)