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1. The Menagerie 2. The on the Edge of Forever 3. Space Seed 4. Mirror,Mirror 5. Amok Time 6. Trouble with Tribbles 7. This side of Paradise 8.Balance of Terror 9.Where no man Has Gone Before

10.Day of the Dove.

(honorable mentions) -Journey to Babel- Whom Gods Destroy - Specter of the Gun

I would really enjoy your own thoughts.

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does any one else like star trek on comic vine???? The Menagerie is a classic episode witch shows one of the best star trek mufti episodes. The Menagerie shows Spock's human side not out craziness, but compassion for his old captain The two stories are amazing, captain pike when he was young exploring that planet, getting and the really awesome things he is seeing, but their not their. their is of course the injured woman. Just fun parts with it altogether.

The City on the Edge of forever speaks for itself,

Space Seed has Kahn the Botany Bay and the history of the eugenics wars.

Mirror Mirror is a classic, evil Kirk,bad Kirk,evil Uhura good Uhura...good Spock,bad Spock, this episode has made so many spin off episodes... two bad most were wasted on deep crap 9

Trouble with Tribbles is an episode meant for gods.

This side of paradise is so cool if your familiar with it but is has the planet that has the flowers that infects your emotions. and Spock turns all hippie and emotional...

Amok Time is almost to good of an Episode... Kirk has to get Spock home to Vulcan or he will die due to the Pon farr which is a mating cycle that all male in whichyou mate or die. (every seven years). Kirk and Spock fight to the death on vulcan and kirk fakes his death. There is a great part in this show where spock yells out "Jim"!!! when he sees that Kirk is alive and he is reileved of his death but shown in a very human state.

Ballance of Terror Is one of the greatest star Romalan episodes EVER... This episode first mentions the Earth-Romulan War,Neutral Zone and great fight scenes back and forth until the romulans die.

Where no man has gone before is a must see episode for eveywone this has Gary Mitchell big friend of kirk gains near god like powers and nearly takes over ship, I mean god like in the way...

  • Hypercognition
  • Conscious regulation of autonomic reflexes
  • Telepathy
  • Extrasensory perception of various kinds, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairoratory
  • Telekinesis
  • The ability to control energy, including both its directed use as a weapon against other organisms, and an invulnerability to phaser weapons
  • The ability to manipulate matter, including the instant materialization and dematerialization of both organisms and objects

Day of the Dove is just major constant Klingon,Federation action....

watch these Episodes and see what you think!