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The Premise is very straight forward, the DC and Marvel Universes merge creating the Avengers of Justice and a B-Team of Avengers of Justice 
Each Team requires at least: 
A Powerhouses 
A genius 
Comic Relief 
A magic guy  
A ninja Guy 

as for the rest, you can be creative 
Here is My All-Star Team 
Superman as my first powerhouse and leader 
Iron Man as my genius 
Spiderman as my Comic Relief 
Batman as my ninja guy (Can you imagine an argument between him and Stark?)
Doctor Strange as my Magic Guy 
Green Arrow as my Marksman 
Wonderwoman I'd like to see her beat up Spider-man 
Here is my B-team 
Captain America to lead  (rogers of course)
Odinforce Thor as the Powerhouse 
Flash as Comic Relief 
Wolverine as my ninja-ish guy  
Zantanna (lrig cigam) 
Clint Barton as the Marksman 
Green Lantern just because he should be in there somewhere

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Ummm Barry Allen is not comic relief. That would be Wally West.
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@Icemizer: Maybe in the DCAU, but in the DC universe, not so much
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Invisible woman for my protection.

Mr fantastic for his intelligence. 
Spiderwoman for her shield/hydra links - inside information, also for her agility. 
Storm for her power capabilities.

spiderman for his jokes. 
Wolverine for his fighting skills. 
The hulk for his physical strength. 
Emma frost for her mind reading, but i would be worried she would betray the team whenever she wants.

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Comic Relief- Bart Allen Flash 
Magic-Sorceress from shadowpact 
Genius-Red Robin 
Ninja Guy- Moon Knight 
Espionage- Nightcrawler 
and for the hell of it Wolverine and martian manhunter  to round it off

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Here's my "A" team
A Powerhouses = Captain Marvel (Billy Batson)
A genius = The Atom (Ray Palmer)
Comic Relief = Plastic Man
A magic guy  = Dr. Fate
A ninja Guy = Daredevil
 as for the rest, you can be creative = Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Flash (Wally West), Iceman
I don't really want a "B" squad.

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Powerhouse: Hercules
Genius:  Amadeus Cho
Comic Relief: Flash (wally)
Magic Guy: Dr. Strange
Ninja Guy: Red Robin 
Marksman: Green Arrow
As for the rest: Guy Gardner, Ghost Rider (Blaze).
I'd love to see most of them interact with them and think it would be pretty funny.. mainly Cho and Wally.

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Powerhouse: She Hulk 
Genius & Tech Supplier:  Black Panther
Comic Relief:  Clint Barton 
Magic:  Zatanna
Ninja Guy: Temugin (son of Mandarin) 
Marksman: Deadshot 
Inventor: Forge 
Eye Candy: Venus (Agents of Atlas)
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@Jake Fury said:
" Powerhouse: She Hulk Genius & Tech Supplier:  Black PantherComic Relief:  Clint Barton Magic:  Zatanna Ninja Guy: Temugin (son of Mandarin)  Marksman: Deadshot Inventor: Forge Eye Candy: Venus (Agents of Atlas)    "
Great list!....
Also, this is my 1000th post! Woooooooo!
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Congrats dude!
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reed (genius) and batman (genius and ninja)  
supes and Thor (powerhouses)  
cap (the leader)  
deadpool (ninja and comedy )  
DR strange (magic)