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Poll: Would the general public read indy comics if Marvel and DC ever died? (3 votes)

Yes, More readers for the independents. 67%
No, They just won't care enough to pick up outside the big 2. 33%
As long as comics are still made, I don't care about it. 0%

So the idea was that if for some reason all the rebooting/relaunching/ over eventful/ script changing happened so much that people just up and stopped buying DC and Marvel; that they pretty much go belly up or only start doing digital only series.

Do you think the industry would still thrive with people switching to indy comics? or do you think the industry would die because the big 2 go belly up in the physical comic department?

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Would the current comic fanbase keep reading comics: Yes.

Would the general public read indy comics: No. The general public doesn't even read comics now. The paper sales each month for the top 5 comics are like 100-150k on average. The US has a population of over 300 million. That's nothing :(.

For comparison think about a CBM for example. Man of Steel made like 660 million dollars. At 10 bucks a ticket (assuming every ticket sold = 1 new viewer, which isn't the case) that mean 66,000,000 people saw the movie. Which way more people than people who read comics. That's why CBM's don't care about only catering to the comic fans, because we're such a small minority.

Me Personally: Probably. Although I would deary miss some of my favorite characters from the big 2.

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If Marvel died I wouldn't care but DC has Vertigo so I'd be upset.

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When pigs fly