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Was it because people realized or thought they were too all powerful?

Or was it because new writers and stuff came in?

Or even both.

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I don't think The Beyonder was retconned out because he was too powerful, it's just one of those things you can't have too often or it because like Galactus where everyone remotely cosmic woops him.

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Because they were too powerful. Legitimately, Molecule Man could of taken over the entire Marvel Universe if he wanted. Same with Beyonder.

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It's funny to hear DC fans talking about someone being too powerful when they swoon over Silver Age Superman and his ridiculous and often non-canonical or non-existent feats

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@Night Thrasher: Are you saying I am only a DC fan? I am fan of all good comicbook work. BTW I never said it was because he was to powerful. I frankly believe he didn't need to be retconned.

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@RoyHarperBLOW: I wasn't really referring to you directly, it was more of a general observation about the characters with opinions that are sure to come.
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The Beyonder and Molecule Man Retconned? i haven't come across or heard anything of that sort , that story line fueled the idea of nanny & the baby making machine , like how magneto was turned into a baby & Storm was turned into teen encountering gambit .

The Boyonder and molecule man story plot was just simple ... the end is but the beginning .

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They were too powerful. Antagonists/protagonists that can't be beat with out "deus ex machina" makes terrible writing.

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Retconned twice or three times

too strong writers too damn lazy

the best beyoner was the one when Jim Shooter was behind it

plain and simple

Giving him omnipotent feats and stuff that exceeds deities IRL

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Who said they were retconned?

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As the story goes, Beyonder rectoned himself so that he can experience the hardships of life.

Molecule Man was never Rectoned, he suppressed his powers to live an ordinary life. Kind of like how SS2 Gohan in the Cell Saga was overall more powerful than SS2 Gohan during the Buu Saga. Gohan quit training to study academics.

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Simple; It's because Brian Michael Bendis is evil. Here endeth the explanation.

If you seek back up to this, please forward further messages to the and probably the lovely (sorry to dob you in ladies, but i think maybe you're the authorities here)

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Actually one of the recent handbooks re-retconned Bendis' retcon as well as the Cosmic Cube retcon. He was only those things because he was momentarily convinced he was those things and his powers made that fact.

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The retcon of the Beyonder was first in the 90s (after Secret Wars and Secret Wars II)... he and the Molecule Man were being retconned into being derived from the Cosmic Cube and DeFalco wanted, for some nonsensical reason, to tie the Beyonder to the unrelated race of Beyonders.

Then 20 years later, Bendis came along and decided to retcon the Beyonder into being an Inhuman and a mutant... despite him having powers akin to a God and greater than the Cosmic entities. Molecule Man wasn't retconned but he was nonsensically killed in Dark Avengers by a stupid amped up deus ex machina Sentry.

Both the retcons made little sense.

The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe: Blockbusters (2011) does a little bit about the Beyonder's future after the first Secret Wars and states the following:

"He would variously claim to be the sentient life force of an alternate universe, a nascent cosmic cube, and a mutant Inhuman - able to alter reality, whichever he believes at any given moment is true."
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@feebadger: I do believe is the Queen of all Things Marvel which she has proved here effortlessly.

And yes. He-who-shouldn't-be-named-yet-is-still-incredibly-employed-despite-his-horrifically-overblown-supposed-talent is EVIL.


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they were too powerful. as a matter of fact they messed up the cosmic order of things. Outside of TOAA, LT is the most powerful.. and then Eternity... etc etc. The Beyonder was a being that came out of no where with all power and no purpose. That makes no sense with abstracts. TOAA wouldnt make something that more powerful than his second in command for no reason. When it comes to abstracts.. their is a heirarchy. Authority translates to power with them. Beyonder had all the power but didnt naturally have any authority.

Molecule man is the same case but he would make even less sense because of all his power he was still a man. Men have limited perceptions and ways of thinking and even with all that power he shouldnt be able to fight beings like eternity who have wisdom and awareness that far outshines anything humankind can produce.

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if thanos can be presented as a threat to cosmic entities and praised by idiots as the greatest villain ever, give me one good reason why beyonder or a genuinely interesting and layered character like molecule man are "over-powered".