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I did the JL poll, now its time for the avengers. I figure that there's been so many avengers that it would just take forever to list all of them for a poll and im feeling rather lazy today so thats that. So is it Hulk? Ironman? Thor? Cap? Pym? etc. etc.?

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Hulk for me.

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Deadpool joined up once....

but as an avenger, I prefer Luke Cage, Cap A, Iron Man

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My favorite is Probably Ironman or Cap.

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Black Panther.

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For me, its Captain America

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Shang Chi...My reasons for liking Shang... he's asian and does martial arts, so in a way i can relate... lol

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Thor... or Ms Marvel.

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Thor then Cap.

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Captain America

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Hulk all day EVERYDAY

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I'm glad Cap gets as much love

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Iron Fist, Wonder Man, and Valkyrie in that order.

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I'd have to say Cap.

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Who's my favorite character who's been an avenger? Spider-Man. Favorite character as an Avenger? Hawkeye followed by Cap

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Black Panther or Thor.

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My favorite Avenger is Cap but my favorite character that has been an Avenger is Black Panther

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Captain America, without a doubt.

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Sentinel of Liberty

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3397448-black panther .jpg
3374907-ms. marvel .jpg

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3202073-10. the vision.jpg

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In terms of consistent Avengers:


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Whatever Superman and/or Batman clone who's on the Avengers.

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@manchine said:

Followed closely by Iron Man and Black Panther.

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Captain America hands down followed by Thor and Black Panther. Spidey would be on here, but I don't see him as an Avenger

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Captain America followed closely by no-one.

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thor/vision/ms marvel/ant man

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