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green arrow

wonder woman


green lantern

martian manhunter



captain marvel

captain atom

swamp thing

blue beetle

booster gold



phantom stranger



red tornado

dr fate

black canary

and if you can you could put in 3 arch nemesis of each character.

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I'll do the ones I know for sure:

  • Wonder Woman- Cheetah, Sersi, and Ares
  • Flash- Zoom, Captain Cold, and Mirror Master
  • Green Lantern- Sinestro
  • Aquaman- Black Manta and Ocean Master
  • Captain Marvel- Black Adam

If I had to make some up, I'd say:

  • Green Arrow- Vertigo, Merlyn, and Onomatopoeia
  • Martian Manhunter- His brother? I don't remember this dude's name. Began with an M?
  • Deathstroke- Dick Grayson (not his primary, but he's up there)
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Dr Fate- Wotan/Mordru

Swamp Thing- Anton Arcane

Hawkman- Shadow Thief (pre New 52)

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  • Wonder Woman - Ares, Cheetah, Circe
  • Flash - Captain Cold, Zoom, Gorilla Grodd
  • Green Lantern - Sinestro
  • Aquaman - Black Manta
  • Captain Marvel - Black Adam
  • Zatanna - Enchantress
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@jobbernos said:

  • green arrow
  • wonder woman
  • flash
  • green lantern
  • martian manhunter
  • aquaman
  • hawkman
  • captain marvel
  • captain atom
  • swamp thing
  • blue beetle
  • booster gold
  • lobo
  • deathstroke
  • phantom stranger
  • zatanna
  • firestorm
  • red tornado
  • dr fate
  • black canary
  • Green Arrow - Shado?
  • Wonder Woman - While I consider it Ares, it is generally considered Cheetah. Circe is also up at the top.
  • Flash - Professor Zoom, Captain Cold, and Mirror MAster
  • Green Lantern - Sinestro (who doesn't know that?)
  • Martian Manhunter - Ma'alefa'ak
  • Aquaman - Black Manta, though an argument could be made for Ocean Master
  • Hawkman - No clue. I don't follow Hawkman.
  • Captain Marvel - Black Adam
  • Captain Atom - Major Force?
  • Swamp Thing - No clue. Don't follow him.
  • Blue Beetle - My guess is Black Beetle.
  • Booster Gold - No clue
  • Lobo - No clue
  • Deathstroke - Batman?
  • Phantom Stranger - Don't follow him, so no clue.
  • Zatanna - No clue
  • Firestorm - No clue
  • Red Tornado - No clue
  • Dr. Fate - Wotan
  • Black Canary - I don't think she has one.
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green arrow - clock king/merlyn/deathstroke

At some stages

wonder woman - Ares/Cheetah/Circe

flash - Captain Cold/Gorilla Grodd/Zoom/Mirror master

green lantern - Depends on which one but generally speaking it is sinestro

martian manhunter - Ma'Alefa'Ak

aquaman - Black Manta/Ocean Master

hawkman - Shadow Thief

captain marvel - Black Adam

captain atom - I think it is Major Force

swamp thing - Anton Arcane

blue beetle - depends on which one again but now it is black beetle

booster gold - not sure

lobo - either the Easter bunny or Santa ;)

deathstroke - teen titans members/Green Arrow

phantom stranger - One would be Karlion the witch boy?

zatanna - enchantress

firestorm - unsure

red tornado - T.O.Morrow would be one of them

dr fate - Wotan/Mordru

black canary - Count Vertigo

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1.Merlyn or Count Vertigo

2.cheetah or Circe

3.depends on which one

4.depends on which one

5.Malefic, Blanx or Despero

6.Black Manta or Ocean Master

7.Shadow Thief or Gentleman Ghost

8.Black Adam or Dr.Sivana

9.Major Force or The General

10.Anton Arcane

11. Depends on which Beetle

12.dont know


14.The Teen Titans



Killer frost

Professor Ivo


Cont vertigo, the wizard or Lady Shiva

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  • green arrow: Merlyn
  • wonder woman: Ares, Circe, Cheetah
  • flash: Professor Zoom
  • green lantern: Sinestro
  • martian manhunter: Malefic
  • aquaman: Black Manta
  • hawkman: Gentleman Ghost, I guess
  • captain marvel: Dr. Sivanna, Black Adam
  • captain atom: Major Force
  • swamp thing: ???
  • blue beetle: which one?
  • booster gold: Maxwell Lord
  • lobo: knowing him, just anyone that pisses him off
  • deathstroke: Nightwing
  • phantom stranger: ???
  • zatanna: ???
  • firestorm: Killer Frost
  • red tornado: Uhhh... T.O. Morrow?
  • dr fate: Wotan
  • black canary: ???
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green arrow: Merlyn, Count Vertigo, Constantine Drakon

wonder woman: Ares, Cheetah, Circe

flash: Depends Zooms, Captain Cold, Mirror Master or Abra Kadabra.

green lantern: Depends Sinestro, Black Hand and Parallax most likely

martian manhunter: His Brother, Despero and Starro I guess or White Martians

aquaman: Black Manta, Ocean Master, Charybdis

hawkman: Hath-Set, Gentleman Ghost, Shadow Thief

captain marvel: Mister Mind, Dr. Sivana, Black Adam

captain atom: Major Force, Monarch

swamp thing: Anton Arcane, The Black

blue beetle: Maxwell Lord

booster gold: Skeets, Maxwell Lord, Rip Hunter

lobo: Superman I guess

deathstroke: His kids

firestorm: Killer Frost, Shadow Thief, Deathstorm

red tornado: T.O. Morrow, Tornado Tyrant, Professor Ivo

dr fate: Wotan, Mordru

black canary: Count Vertigo, Lady Shiva, Cupid