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I‘m just pulling this up from memory from long ago, but I think it was Kurt Russell who said “It doesn’t make any difference if it’s a great film, or junk, in ten years it’ll just be another old movie.” *

These day however it seems they become `just another old movie’ somewhere between 10 months and a year and a half!

My question is, in the world of comics how long does it now take trend or innovation to become cliché, overused, and / or old hat?

You know, like when the Silver Age turned to bronze and “superheroes with problems” lost it’s edge after around 10 years, or when the “grim and gritty” look at an old character just not tedious, what did that take? 8 years? 6? I know it was real fast for me.

These days what do you think is the general shelf life of a change, be it to a character or a whole universe, before it’s “oh… THAT again?”

*At least I think Kurt Russell said it, I looked for the original quote but could not find it.