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How would the superheroes and villains of Marvel and DC react to a nuclear war between the world's countries?

1st: How would all the earth superheroes and earth super criminals in DC react to a nuclear war and what actions would they take?

2nd: How would all the earth superheroes and earth super criminals in MARVEL react to a nuclear war and what actions would they take?

What are your guys opinions and thoughts?

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Well, I'm pretty sure that many heroes would try to stop any nuclear missiles from landing (Superman-like heroes would disable them in midair), force the nations to come to peace terms, and then work on a worldwide nuclear disarmament. I could imagine some villains trying to stockpile nuclear weapons or be the forces behind a nuclear conflict, but even most villains, I would think, would try to prevent a nuclear war.

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bump AGAIN

No one thinks this is an interesting topic?

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If there is a nuclear war, I would assume that even Superman would be hiding underground for safety.

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Most of the Marvel/ DC superheroes will just annihilate the problem completely with ease. While the villains are sweating there a**es off trying to hide the Nukes they stole...

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Dr. Fate would just wave his hand, create a portal to some magical dimension, and then throw the nukes in.

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On a quick thought, I see them as maybe enforcers at food lines or maybe new settlement camps for survivors. Protect the weak from the opportunists and gangs. Ideally ones with more useful powers could help with rebuilding or farming. I'm still of the opinion lots of the heroes of today's stories don't do anything but beat up other super-powered beings. They aren't heroes they just have powers.

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Well... Heroes would try to bring an end to the war and prevent a nuclear bomb from blowing up, ANYWHERE on the planet...

Villains, on the other hand, may well want more than a few nuclear bombs blowing up... So...

Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel) would absorb nuclear explosions if she couldn't diffuse the bomb or send it into space before it blew up.

Red Hulk could absorb the radiation or hurl the bomb into space.

Tony Stark would diffuse the bomb, and then keep the fissionable material inside for his own research.

Pixie (or any teleporter for that matter) would teleport the bomb into outer space..

Henry Pym would diffuse the bombs or shrink them and send them to inner space.

Wolverine would STAB the nuclear bomb... it would blow up in his face... He'd heal and realize he's really not an ideal candidate for bomb disposal...

There are so many different ways that super heroes could get rid of / diffuse nuclear bombs and that's what they would be doing....

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Oops I was thinking aftermath

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Maybe Spectre will eat all of the nuclear missiles and go to bed.

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Well,the way Marvel and DC Earth's are populated(especially DC),I doubt bombs would even detonate.

In DC:

Superman and others (Captain Marvel,Captain Atom) would do a round at the fastest speed they can and disable as amny nukes they can,while Batman and other characters good with tech(Oracle,Cyborg),would probably hack and disable the bombs midair,the theres other charactersmainly magical like Dr.Fate,Zatara,Zatana,which would help protect the bigger cities by opening portals and sending the nukes that get past the main defenses to outer space.This along with countries missile shields(which actually exist IRL) and other advanced tech from DC,would probably neutralize 100% of the nukes.Then it comes to the politics and the JLA going for a disramament.

In Marvel:

It would be harder without someone like Silver Surfer,but doable,especially with something DC Earth doesn't have an couterpart of ,SHIELD,it's a UN founded,high tech organization and I believe they would be more than ready for a situation like this,and with the help of people like Thor,Ms.Marvel,Iron Man and Dr.Strange they will probably neutralize 100% of the nukes too.After that it's Captain America and other "diplomatic" Avengers making a speech about nuclear disarmement and unity,while Iron Man and Co. disable all the nukes that are left anyway.LOL

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The villains would try to find some mercenary work or creative ways to profit from the war, whilst the heroes would be trying to stop and prevent mass- murder and destruction.