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So, I haven't read much cosmic based comics and now that Infinity is coming up I want to get more info on cosmic things. Which ones should I read? I also am not sure if it is necessary to pick up all the tie-ins for infinity or just the main title?


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Probably start with Infinity Gauntlet and maybe Annihilation?

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Infinite Gauntlet and Annihilation are great.

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Secret Wars (Y'know the 1st ever cosmic event) and Infinity Gauntlet.

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  1. The Thanos Quest
  2. Infinity Gauntlet
  3. Infinity War
  4. Infinity Crusade
  5. Thanos: Epiphany
  6. Thanos: Samaritan
  7. Annihilation (anything and everything.. can be bought in three volumes that start with Drax: Earthfall and end with Anihilation: Heralds of Galactus
  8. Annihilation Conquest

Those are the best Cosmic events, oh also forgot to add in Marvel: The End not necessarily cosmic but it involved Thanos and the total destruction of the Marvel Universe. War of Kings was also good, Realm of Kings not so much, and Thanos Imperative was a let down.