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What independent comics do you read?

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X-O Manowar and I will be picking up Quantum & Woody when it comes out. Wish I could get more though.

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  • Invincible, which also happens to be "The Best Super Hero Comic Book In The Universe!". And even though that's debatable, it's definitely up there.
  • X-O Manowar, one of the best sci-fi series on stands.
  • Bloodshot, one of the best action series on stands. Oh, and these last two both happen to be from Valiant.

Currently, I'm very interested in picking up Chew.

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I read The Walking Dead, Great Pacific, Clone, Mind MGMT, and I'm sure I'm missing at least one...

Oh yeah, Bedlam. All of them are awesome. I can't believe I forgot Bedlam...