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He has said he isn't very interested in doing something without christian bale but if he did reboot batman again to fit into the man of steel universe would you be interested in it? I think he would def have to change the tone of the movie to fit into the man of steel universe. It would have to be less grounded in reality than his trilogy. Almost everything in his trilogy was realistic. I think if he redid it he could focus more on making batman agile and fast like he is in the comics and show off his detective skills and tech. Show more of his combat skills and gadgets. What do you think? Would you care if nolan redid it?

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No. His Batman is great, but he wouldn't fit well in a shared universe. If he changed him entirely, then it doesn't matter if Nolan made it, or not since it's no longer his original style.

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I wouldn't want Nolan directing more Batman films. He would never use the more outlandish rogues and frankly that takes a lot of the fun out of Gotham.

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i think the world needs a break from live action batman films.

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Dumb idea.

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It would be a huge waste of $$$...

I mean another TDK to fit in MOS's universe? I'd rather just skip to the justice league, or maybe a batman + superman encounter kind of movie.

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I don't see how Bale's Batman will interact with anyone unless he gets a serious voice change.

Supes: "So, Bats! What's the plan?"

Batman :" werhgurnfernddatrigur."

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I never liked bales batman. I never liked the Nolan trilogy. I want to see a new batman with a new director and a new cast. and how about some martial arts????

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@sog7dc: Yes, a new batman.. and the real Joker for once!! Sheesh, there's never been a true portrayal of the Clown Prince.

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I disagree. I loved heath ledgers portrayal...although ironically he was too serious

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@sog7dc: I don't think it comes to disagreeing. I mean, his portrayl is nice.

However, there's never been a true Joker. Not going to count Hamil, even though he'd work. Sadly, never one on the big screen. Not even Nicholson.

Nicholson didn't cover Joker's serious moments well. Heath didn't catch Joker's fun moments well. We need a Joker who can pull off both.

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The main guy from gangster squad

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@sog7dc: Disagree with what? I never said I didn't like Ledger's portrayal.

I just said I wanted one that truly expresses the traditional Joker: comical but sadistic, hysterical but terrifying, random but genius, every character trait that makes him the greatest and most-feared villain of all time.

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Not so much. Not only do I think his trilogy should stand alone but don't we all need a break from Batman films for a while? People will get sick of Bats and that's not a good thing..

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@sideburnguru: To be honest, I don't think there is any actor out there that's great enough to pull it off. Joker has such a big character with so many elements to his complex personality that it'd take someone who is thoroughly familiar with the Joker's character to portray him properly on screen.

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Maybe they should keep Bale but connect the DK trilogy to the Justice League movie? They could release a Justice League movie which introduces Batman (Christian Bale) to Superman (Henry Cavill), and take it from there. I don't know if it's worth rebooting it since the trilogy is so recent.

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I love Nolan's Trilogy but he's finished with Batman. I want a different director's interpretation most preferably Alfonso Cuaron.

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Lets have a different director do batman. And lets have an actor who has some experience in martial arts to do batman. He also has to be a good actor of course.

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I still say Scott Adkins should play Batman.

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Nolan shouldn't touch Batman anymore.

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If he does another reboot of batman we don't need him to do a origins movie we know how it starts. It should be a movie where bats is already established as a vigilante being wanted by Gathom PD.

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No. And I say that with the opinion that Nolan's Batman movies are some of the best films of the past 10 years. I think Superman wouldn't exist in Nolan's Gotham.