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I'm fairly new to comics and go on ebay to get some to catch up on old story lines (like Secret Avengers & Captain America). I've started picking up a few new comics when they come out. What is your list of comics you get every month?

Mine are Batman, Winter Soldier, Captain America (origanial numbers) & Secret Avengers

**i'm going to read anything Ed Brubaker writes**

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  • Avengers vs X-Men.
  • Uncanny X-Men.
  • Wolverine and The X-Men.
  • Uncanny X-Force.
  • X-Factor.
  • Batman.
  • Nightwing.
  • Redhood and Outlaws.
  • Green Lantern.
  • The Walking Dead.

Dropped within the last year:

  • X-Men.
  • X-Men: Legacy.
  • New Mutants.
  • Ultimate X-Men.
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Wonder Woman


Action Comics

Animal Man

Ultimate Comics Spiderman

Journey into Mystery (but I may drop it in the next few months until X-Men get out of that book)

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A few from New 52 -

Aquaman, Batman, Batman Dark Knight, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Superman, Superboy, Super Girl, Justice League America, Green Lantern, Green Lantern New Guardians, Justice League Int, Justice League Dark,Teen Titans, Birds of Prey and WonderWoman. I also check out a few others once in a while or after some time they're out, these are the regular ones

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Still looking for good well-written stuff to get into, but right now:

  • Captain America
  • Daredevil
  • Defenders
  • Flash
  • Green Lantern
  • Aquaman
  • Earth 2 (just started so that may change)
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  1. Action Comics
  2. Batman
  3. Superman
  4. New Guardians
  5. Green Lantern
  6. Earth 2
  7. Captain Atom
  8. Justice League
  9. Justice League International
  10. Ultimates
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I'm probably the only one WITHOUT a pull list. I read whatever arcs I'm interested in and then drop them unless I hear good things about the next one.

so basically it's sporadic and varies from week to week

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  • Batman
  • Justice League
  • Amazing Spider-Man

Will be getting:

  • Axe Cop: President of the World

And might get one of these if I have enough money:

  • Flash
  • Batman and Robin
  • Aquaman
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I guess I should have called it a pull list. I need to remember the terms. But looks like yall know what i mean

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  1. Winter Soldier
  2. Cap
  3. Secret Avengers
  4. Fatale
  5. Swamp Thing
  6. Batman
  7. JLA
  8. Green Lantern

I have been picking up AVX and a couple tie ins that look interesting.

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3.RedHood and the Outlaws



6.Batman and Robin

7.Justice League

8.Uncanny X-force

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I pick up comics every week or so, since I've only got a few! But ideally these titles are my regulars:

New 52 titles:





Superman (possibly, the store didn't have issue #1 when I went last, and I refuse to start in the middle of the series)

Non-New 52 titles:

Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man

New Teen Titans

Avengers vs. X-Men (until the series is over)

I don't think there are anymore, but I'm always on the lookout for series or individual comics that look fun or interesting :)

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Ghostbusters (ongoing), Action Comics, Supergirl, Superman, Justice League, Batman, Detective Comics, Smallville, Earth 2 (digital form), World's Finest (digital form)

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-All Star Western



-Demon Knights

-Dial H

-Green Arrow

-Earth 2

-Justice League Dark

-Swamp Thing

-Wonder Woman


-Captain America


-I'm planning to also pick up Captain Marvel when it comes out.