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What fight do you want to have happen in a comic, so you can read it.

This includes characters, teams, wars...etc

Or if you want you could add anime vs comics fights as well.

I want to see a fight between DareDevil and Lady Shiva at night. Or maybe a well-written Taskmaster vs Deathstrok.(Hay, a guy can dream).

Or have a cross-over where Hell-boy faces The Lizard, after debating in a very interesting battle thread I participated in.

Alucard(Hellsing) VS Ghost-rider that would be very cool.

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dabura vs etrigan

Apollo & Midnighter vs Superman & Batman

rhino vs thing

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Well I actually got to see Midnighter vs Grifter three times, which where usually short but fun non the less so lets see here.

Superman vs Apollo (52 versions since Apollo seems somewhat stronger and not so easy to drain)

Space Ghost vs Harvey Birdman (Always wanted to know who'd win)

Savage Dragon vs Luke Cage.

Ultimate Rhino vs Ultimate Hulk

Ultimate Hulk vs Ultimate Namor (Yes I am a fan of ultimate U)

Bucky Barnes vs Shang Chi (Just cuz Bucky's pretty much fought everyone else lol)

Iron Fist vs Daken (Both limited to pure h2h)

Taskmaster vs Batman (all out!)

A drunken brawl between She Hulk and Ms Marvel (Two girls one pub)

I can do this all day (but not really. I leave for work at one lol)

Brock Samson vs Race Bannon

Brock Samson vs Black Dynamite

Major Benson Winifried Payne vs John Rambo

I know some of these are not comics, but I would pay a capable artist from this site to draw a simple cover of these. lol

Hitgirl vs Damien Wayne

Backlash vs Shaft of Team Youngblood

Badrock vs Red Hulk

Badrock vs Thing

Chapel vs Punisher

Ninjak vs Daredevil

X-O Manowar vs War Machine and Iron Man (Trust me, he can challenge both)

Turok The Dinosaur Hunter vs Kraven The Hunter

Archer and Armstrong vs Luke Cage and Iron Fist

Elektra vs Lady Shiva

Catman vs Grim Hunter

Kaine and Venom vs Puma and Rhino

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With the arrival of H'el, I wouldn't mind seeing Zod throw in the gauntlet. Maybe H'el breaks open the Phantom Zone projector, leading to a massive battle between the criminals of Krypton.