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Heres the idea:

Find a pic/image(..non comic related), any pic. Examples would be perhaps a celebrity, model shots from an ad, ect..(where-ever really). Along with your hero's image, drop a brief bio including the characters name, origin and powers. Here is a sample template:


Full name:




Hair color:

Eye color:

Marital status:

Base of location:

Status: (Hero / Villain / Vigilante)

Team affiliation: (none/member of...)


History/Bio: (As long or short as you'd like)

Notes: (Optional, say if we were reading a file within a classified government database. Perhaps behavior information, and advice on approaching or dealing with the subject)

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Hmm....I kinda did something like this, but I guess this one is more thorough lol!

Civilian Identity:

Superhero Identity:

Full Name: Scott Hamilton Wolfman


Height: 5'8'

Weight: 140 lbs.

Hair Color: Brown(human form), Brown(wolf form)

Eye Color: Brown(human) Brown(wolf)

Marital Status: Single

Base of Location: N/A

Status: Vigilante

Team Affiliation: NAO, (former)Hellfire, (former)Vine Villians,(former)Suicide Squad, Paragons Training Squad, Power Pack, Xaier Institute

Powers/Abilities/Gadgets: Ice Manipulation(all forms), Werewolf powers(claws, enhanced senses and physical abilities,fur, fangs), Super-Sonic Howl, Healing Factor, Able to breathe underwater and withstand any water pressure, communication with animals, FrostBite(mystical weapon), Winchester Journal, Gaia(Computer Program w/ mobile body).

History/Bio: Werewolf Son of Poseidon. Travels U.S. as Demon Hunter. Turned into werewolf by S.H.A.R.P. process. Attended Xavier's School for Gifted Mutants.

Notes: Beastial side sometimes taks over. Arachnophobic. Can tell if someone is lying by heartbeat and scent. Animal-like behavior.

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Full name: The creature identified as “Satyrquaze” has many alternate identities, his real name is unknown: Pan, Cernuous, Kokopelli, Satyr, Faun, Darkness, Lucifer, Silvanous, Bacchus… etc.

Age: unknown, though he claims to have been created on the “fifth day”.

Height: 6’6”/variable/unknown

Weight: appears to be around 250lbs/variable/unknown

Hair color: none/variable/unknown

Eye color: Black/variable/unknown

Marital status: unknown

Base of location: unknown

Status: Villain

Team affiliation: Vine Villains, G.R.O.S.S.


• Immortality

• Teleportation

• Shape-Shifting

• Magic

• Wields bracelets which emit yellow energy and are capable of controlling the entire EM spcetrum.


Some of the Satyrquaze's earliest memories consist mainly of reveling in ancient Greece during the Dionysian festivals at dusk. He was seen as an avatar of Silvanous himself, made manifest on Earth. It was a good life, he lived in peace, worshipping the Earth-Mother; He had his choice of women and himself worshipped as a god.

It could not last forever…

Mankind quickly began to out-populate their sentries and under a gross deception totally corrupted the stories of the creators handed down from generation to generation. Suddenly their Earth-Mother was a Man. Mankind made war in his name not only on their sentries but on each-other as well.

In the massacres that followed the Centaurs were hunted to extinction. The Satyrs were nearly all wiped out, when their groves were destroyed or turned into churches. The Lycanthropes who could disguise themselves as humans suffered badly but survived nonetheless. Knowing that some survived, mankind began to tell stories of the vanquished, propaganda if you will, how terrible and evil they were. Lycanthropes became known as the Werewolf who stalked defenseless children at night to eat them. Satyrs became known as demons.

He began to hear stories about the vile and evil pagans who sinned as frequently as most pious people took breath, in these stories the prime agent of evil was a Faun-like creature who bore a striking resemblance to Satyrquaze himself.

He soon quietly disappeared from Roman lands. Afterward it is believed he lived among the Celts and the Norse for a time. He moved on to Norway to live among the last vestiges of civilized people who were not actively hunting him in the name of the One-True-God. He was forced to keep moving constantly. When the opportunity came to explore the very edge of the world, he took it gladly.

He boarded a Longboat along with many of the Bear clan of the Lycanthropes and discovered a new land in 982 AD. Satyrquaze settled there and continued moving. Forming relationships with the mankind there that basis for religion was not paranoia and guilt or pitchforks and torches, but a spiritual one-ness with nature. This is supported by the legends of Kokopelli taking physical form in the Americas at about the same time.

There he continued to prosper long after the Norse settlements were abandoned. He soon found that he could never stay in one place for more than a century before the wanderlust took hold. He traveled south, following his instincts.

Finding himself in a crater in the Yucatan Peninsula, he was surprised to discover a pair of wrist trinkets imbedded in the very stone at the point of impact. They had lain there undiscovered for millennia. Forcibly removing them from the rock was an arduous task, but when they finally came loose days later, he was so elated that he donned the bands immediately without first really studying them. He quickly found he could channel “magics” through them, create objects, create light, and sear the strongest stone. He also quickly found that he could fly faster than anything else.

As such, he has since wandered the world, staying out of the way of the nascent Church as it grew in power. Up until recently he lived quite openly in the US as a model and an actor, he has three albums on the market, one of which went platinum. His drunken revelries have always gotten a great amount of media attention, moreso possibly than the when the entire planet is brought to the brink of destruction on a seemingly daily basis.

He serves as the living counter-point to Spider-man’s motto. “With great power, comes great responsibility.” To which his usual response is: “Why?”

Recently, he took on an appearance much more demonic appearance fitting with the creature the early Christian church created in his image to strike fear into their worshippers. It is not known why he has made this change, but he seems to have thrown himself into the role, and even has gone so far as to break every single one of the Ten Commandments sixty-six times within six days. As a result he was asked to join the Vine Villains.
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Full name: Jean-Rene MacAskill

Age: 20

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 75kg

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Marital status: Single

Base of location: Calgary AB, Canada / Vancouver BC, Canada

Status: Hero

Team affiliation: NAO (Current)

Powers/Abilities/Gadgets: Teleportation, Healing, Increased speed, strength, stamina, High Intellect, Radar Sense, Swords Master, Hand to Hand Combat Expert, Armor, Vibranium Katana

History/Bio: While camping in the wilderness of BC, near his hometown, Paragon discovered a mysterious meteor. The meteor turned out to be a piece of Galactus's armor that had chipped off after Thor had cracked it in battle. The chunk floated through space for many years before falling to earth. Upon discovery, the armor radiated a small amount of the Power Cosmic into Paragon, giving him the power to teleport, a "radar sense", and an accelerated healing factor, which boosted his strength, agility and endurance. Currently Paragon protects the city of Calgary from the day to day criminals and is yet to run into any super villains.

Notes: Currently unregistered with the Superhero Registration Act