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What are some heroes you'd like to see turn villain and villains you'd like to see go hero.

I've been wanting Mystique to become an X-Men even sense they let Magneto join. Hell they even let Siberian Saw be a good guy. I think she'd fit in pretty good in the new sexy lady X-Force to, or it would be pretty great to see her as a Teacher.

I think it be really interesting to see Damian become one of Batman's greatest failures and become a villain.

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Hulk would be interested in seeing Superman temporarily become a villain after being mind-controlled by an unknown villain. Hulk actually had idea for an episode like that for Teen Titans revival in 2013, where they have to find out why Superman is attacking the city and doing evil deeds. The twist being that it not Lex Luthor doing it.

In Contrast, Hulk would like to see Catwoman become actual hero intstead of an anti-hero.
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I would like to see Spider-man get off the hook and start slaughtering everyone. Epic awesomeness.







As for bad going good... Probably Mephisto... Ok just kidding. I really don't know.

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Hero to villain? I'd like to see Charles Xavier return from the dead as an evil villain. Now, before you all stone me for even suggesting that they bring a dead character back, I don't mind it if it's done tastefully (like Bucky). I mean the Prof's already made some questionable decisions in his life (Vulcan, Danger Room, Illuminati among others) so it's not that much of a stretch to see him come back EVULZ.

I just had the idea from Hickman's Ultimates - where Ultimate Reed Richards becomes a villain. I mean, the world's foremost psychic with a genius intelligence could be a very deadly bad guy. And yes, I'm well-aware his brain is currently on-loan by the Red Skull right now, but hey, it's comics. Anything's possible.

Villain to hero? Probably Eddie Brock

Eddie Brock is a weird one though. First he's a villain. Then he becomes an anti-hero. Then villain again. Then saves Toxin. Then becomes a good guy and gives away his symbiote. Then goes crazy. Then becomes Anti-Venom. Then joins the Revengers. And then he becomes evil Toxin. And now he's killing criminals? Wait, what?

Seriously, they need to make up their minds with Mr. Brock. Either make him a terrifying nemesis of the new Flash-Venom/Kaine/Spidey. Or a conflicted anti-hero. Or at least a decision that sticks.

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Hero to Villian would be Sue Storm

Villian to Hero would be Mole Man

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@TheHulk: check Irredeemable is you want "crazy Superman on rampage".
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@JimTheSurfer said:

I would like to see Spider-man get off the hook and start slaughtering everyone. Epic awesomeness.

I would have to agree with this. Not the slaughter part though. Maybe just him beating people to the brink of death.

As for a bad to a good. I'd say Doc Ock(just kidding). Maybe Joker. I'd like to see Joker be a good guy. That would be interesting. A world where Bats is the villain and Joker is the hero.

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To be honest, there are so many villains that I would like to see become good guys, if not just to soothe my curiosity.

Doomsday, Darkseid, Thanos, Blackheart, etc.

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Bad to good...Poison Ivy, Lex Luthor, Harley Quinn, The Riddler and Killer Croc.

Good to bad...Spider-man.

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Bad to good: Weather Wizard and Good to bad: Mister Fantastic

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@TheHulk: Well you may see Superman turning evil in Injustice Gods Among Us.

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black panther turns evil 
taskmaster turns good. 
ms. marvel turns evil.   
she-hulk jennifer walters turns evil 

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Nick Fury as the leader of an evil secret shadow government.....

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@Teerack Wasn't Jason Todd supposed to be Batman's greatest failure and villain pre-52?

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Iron Man as an Evil War Profiteer. I know it's not much of a stretch...

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I liked it when Riddler was a good guy for a short period.

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@judasnixon: Kinda what Max Fury is.

@Shotgun: Jason wasn't his greatest failure, but failing Jason was his biggest failure.

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@Chaos Prime said:

Hero to Villian would be Sue Storm

Yeah, I wanna see Sue kill Reed.

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I want Abomination to become an anti-hero, give him Wolverine's attitude with Hulk's powers he could be big hit. I want to see Loki as a hero, I want Red Hulk to stop being hero and just go back to villain he's better there.

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Btw I think Mystique has been going back and forth for a while. She WAS on the X-Men for a time...