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So this may be a stupid question, but I'm just now getting into comics, and I really can't figure out the variant covers. I understand that some are more expensive because there are less of them printed, but what about the ones that are the same price? Are they worth more/more collectible or worth less/less collectible? Why do people seem to be irritated if a comic has multiple variants? Any other info would be great. Again, this may be a stupid question and I may be over-thinking it, but it cant hurt to ask right? Thanks!

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I don't buy variants because they are pretty expensive but I will tell you my opinion. You should only buy a variant if you have the money and prefer it over the regular cover. Variant will usually be worth more money over time, regardless of its price, i think. But honestly, if you love comic book because of the art and story, you shouldn't care about their price in the future. Just enjoy them. Oh, and some people get irritated by multiple variants because they buy all variants and its a lot of money, or they don't buy the variants but know that the publisher just wants your money.

P.S. It was not a stupid question.

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Depends on your budget and what you like. If you honestly really like the variant cover, or it proves to be very valuable/you think it may be valuable in the future, then go ahead, but don't just go buy it for the sole purpose of it being a variant cover.

And this isn't a stupid question. Trust me. I know what stupid questions are :P

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Variant comics irritate me because it is such an obvious ploy by publishers to get your money. BUT some could also see it as an opportunity to showcase some other artists and/or extra art.

I pick them up everynow and again on some titles just to have nice copies of the exrta art BUT I am extremely selective.

Mostly the variants are collected in the trades but sometimes they are reduced in size even though they are virgin (no title, lettering, barcodes) which is a bonus.

Some do increase in value over time due to low print runs but that is a gamble regarding mainstream publishers (Marvel/DC) because they still usually publish even these at a 50/50 ratio. Variants are normally worth it on indy publishers but then only for the art itself not the future value of the comic.

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Got it! Thanks for the info! I usually just go for the regular covers, unless there's one that really stands out. I just can't see spending a bunch of extra money for just a different cover, but thats just me.