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Micheal Keaton was not that good of a Batman. Val Kilmer to me was more believable as the Dark Knight, and I liked his potrayal better. I feel Kilmer was the best Batman in the Burton/Schumacher series.

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@thedarkknight9283: I didn't like any of them. Almost none of them gave Bruce a personality, IMO.

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Agreed. I actually prefered Kilmer (the actor, not the film he was in) to Bale. And I assume Affleck.

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Keaton was the best Batman to date.

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@vance_astro said:

Keaton was the best Batman to date.


He wasn't overly in shape and never portrayed as a "serious" actor, he'd always been a comedian. I thought he was the best.

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I agree

Nicole Kidman tho ;)

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@joygirl: Bit early to assume Affleck, isn't it?

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Agreed. Kilmer was the best Burten Batman by far IMO. He wasn't quite Bruce though.

Still prefer Bale overall because of the consistency.

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@joygirl: I thought he was really good in Argo. I can picture him as Batman.

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Affleck is going to mess around and make fools out of all of you.

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Keaton was my favorite. Val had more of the look I guess, but his performance was neither bad or good to me.

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Keaton was the best Batman to date.

This. Glad someone else sees that.

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Keaton was the best by a country mile.

He was the only one who actually acted like a real person

damaged, withdrawn, volatile, intense, you could see this guy actually had the sort of serious issues which would push him into wearing a disguise and going out on the streets intimidating and beating up criminals.

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Nicole Kidman was HAWT in that movie. I have to disagree with Val Kilmer being better than Keaton though. I thought Keaton's Batman was more intimidating and badass overall.

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Keaton all the way. No contest.

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I hated Keaton's weird, spastic, borderline ADD Bruce Wayne, not only was Kilmer better, but Bale and even Clooney were all better.

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Keaton was and is my fav, Kilmer is a troglodyte and bale has throat cancer.

Clooney has bat nipples.

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Val is my favorite Batman

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So... what was up with Keaton's Bruce Wayne sleeping upside down like a bat?

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I didn't like neither of them. But Kilmer definitely had a better Bruce Wayne. But I think Keaton was the better Batman, although it wasn't that good in the first place.

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I'm preferential to Kilmer bats if only because Batman Forever was the only one I had on video as a kid so seeing the other batman movies were a treat but not my standard batman experience. so yeah out of the original 4 kilmer and Forever are my faves.

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Val Kilmer all the way

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Personally, Keaton was my favourite Batman, out of the live-action versions.

I thought he played the 'tortured' persona the best out of all previous actors, and definitely nailed the 'lurking in the shadows' aspect of Batman.