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Hey guys,

I am quite new to the awesome world of comics, I started with the bad-ass himself Batman and made my way through the DC-U, by now i also read some Marvel stuff, especially Deadpool and started to wonder how incredibly awesome a team-up between old Bats and Wade would be.

So now i would like to know what team-up or crossover would you die for to see and what storyline would it have???

Like stated about 2 inches upwards ;) my pick would be Batman/Deadpool, because Batman's serious business and Deadpool's crazy behavior are, at least in my eyes, the ultimate counterpart to each other. The story line would be kind of like that:

Deadpool gets hired by the Joker because he gets talk about a totally crazy merch that can kill nearly everything and now he wants to see if his old nemesis can coop with such a dangerous being. When he arrives in Gotham and gets to know the Joker he quickly understands that he is making business with a total maniac and wants to back off, because what Joker wants is just not Wade's style. Of course Joker doesn't like being refused so Wade gets "killed" and soon wants to take revenge, but while acting like some sick puppy in Gotham the dark knight gets involved and stops Wade from killing the Joker. After a fight between the two "heroes" they get to know that they both want the same thing, an end to the Joker, and start working together. It takes some time for them both to get used to each other but soon Deadpool worships Batman for just being so goddam bad-ass. In the end this sick team bashes Joker right into Arkham and Deadpool starts annoying Bruce by constantly trying to get to be his next side-kick. End.

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reading this made my cry for knowing that Marvel and DC will never play nice, and if they ever do, it will just suck like it usually does...

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Of course they will never do stuff like this, but it's fun to imagine they would.