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Based on what somebody said earlier about marvel being bad,

I was wondering if anybody wanted to do a swap or " trade ", my marvel comics (that I recently purchased are: Fantastic Four, Vol 1 - 177,184,185, 212 - Perez & Byrne Art all NM 7.5)

If that's possible at all? <I'm UK>

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don't take somebody's opinion as truth. Just decide on your own if you like it or not

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Ignore people who bash companies as a whole. I saw where someone mentioned Marvel has been bad for twenty years to you@DanielMartin: in another thread, Hogwash.

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People that say crap about Marvel are usually DC fans that didn't know Jack Kirby had worked for DC, or they are just comic haters...

People on Rotten Tomatoes give their own opinions on films, and a lot of the time they say some movies are poor or rotten, but those movies can turn out to be quite excellent.

Don't take another person's opionion on something. Not only for comics... but for movies too! Heh, just kidding there. Just try something for yourself and you'll know otherwise. If you trade it away, you could really like it, and not know!