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Having read the first ten issues, I must admit it's rather refreshing to see a Spider-Man with very uh...loose morals. Kaine's pretty bad-ass, Esp with that beard he had.


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I haven't loved the newest creative team, but I loved the first story arc. He's a great character. Very scarred, impulsive, mired with regret, but still a hero! It's bitter sweet that he's called Scarlet Spider when that's a name associated with his greatest guilt. There is a ton of potential for them to do great things with this character, but I'd prefer a new writer. Minimum Carnage is fun, but is only so-so for me.

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I adored the first arc, especially with Stegman on art. The Roxxon store was pretty solid, but I haven't quite decided how much I like Minimum Carnage.

It's one of the best titles going right now though.