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It is a bit mind-boggling to think how comic books are being produced and offered these days compared to just a few years ago. While I ( reluctantly ) like having some comics offered digitally, it seems like a bit of a hassle and a marketing ploy for some of the apps offered with the comics. Which might be OK for many people but of little interest to me. However, minor griping aside, it is still an interesting new way to have comics offered and read.

Thanks for posting this.

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Thanks for watching!

I was extremely hesitant at 1st towards the Marvel AR app and infinite comics, but Marvels Infinite comics won me over the second I tried them out, and the Marvel AR app has become something I quite enjoy as well now.

In many many cases Marvel AR just offers stupid silly videos created by editors who thing having a camera should be enough reason to make a video, but in a lot of other cases you have great discussions from creators and some wonderfully creative videos.

I also initially hated the idea of digital comics, but then along came tablets.

I do of course buy the majority of my comics in collected edition now a days, and much prefer the physical copy over the digital.

But if I can't make it to the comic store on any given Wednesday, its great to be able to buy a comic I'm biting at the chomp to read.