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Total Recall. Stupid, Pointless; and Utter Nonsense, Total Crap and Complete Bull $hit. Five Words, 8-9 syllables. You Can't Remake Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Red Dawn: WTF

Spider-Man. If it's Not Toby Maguire, It's not Peter Parker. If it's not Peter Parker, then it's not Spider-Man. If it's not Spider-Man, then Why is it called 'Spider-Man?' If it's Not Spider-Man, then I don't watch it. (This is not at all similar to Batman, this is not anything like voice actors, this is Your Friendly Fucking Neighborhood Spiderman.) (An F-ing American Hero)[I will be enjoying the retouched Star-Wars Movies](BTW I Frieking Love Star Trek.) (Lou Ferrigno IS The Hulk{Period}{Exclamation Point}{End of Story}) TREKKIE FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

I vowed to stop watching The Office after Steve Carrel left; my once favorite TV Show. Have not watched, nor seen a glimpse of a full episode, since.)

Now it's your turn. On your Marks, Get Set, Ready; ... GO!