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These are my thoughts on some of the comics I just read. I'm putting them out there before I hear anyone else's thoughts and they influence me. I was going to make this a blog, but I figured more people would see it this way and they could add stuff about what they've read. There are no spoilers(at least I don't think so), but I am talking about the comics.

Mighty Avengers 4

I like Mighty Avengers. My 3 favorite things about Mighty Avengers are the art (Frank Cho), the thought bubbles, and Ares. MAN do I like Ares! I love how he just kills things. I know that's to be expected from the God of War, but he goes at it with such a passion that it just makes me smile. I like how he referenced the Trojan Horse. He's not just a buff brawler and "the violent guy", he's a god. He would know that kind of stuff because he was there. I do kinda wish he didn't come off like a stupid gorilla with weapons though. Right after the Trojan Horse thing the Starkbot throws out some polysyllabic words and he says, "Speak man's words!" It was funny, but it makes him look dumb. Hopefully (and the end looks promising) he'll show off some of that strategical and tactical intelligence he's supposed to have. Also, his fight with the Iron Men, short, but I liked it a lot. There's other good stuff in there, but that's what I liked.

This never really stuck in my mind before, but why does J. Jonah have a Hitler-stache? The mustache has got to be the most easily identifiable thing about Hitler physically, and of all the mustache styles out there, Jameson has to have one just like it? Couldn't he have had a handlebar mustache or something?

One last thing. Ultron is so inappropriate.

Wolverine 55

I really don't like the story (the alternate line of evolution thing) as it relates to Wolverine outside of the book. He's a mutant, Feral, Wildchild, Sabretooth, Wolfsbane, and all the others are mutants as far as I'm concerned. In the book though, I don't think it's all that bad. Them all being connected and the whole versions-of-Wolverine-and-Sabretooth-battling-from-the-beginning-of-time thing is cool. I like that kind of thing.

What Wolverine was thinking about Summers at the beginning was also pretty funny. He kept calling him a douche bag. Yeah, I know, that's what we're calling Stark. Weird. Scott looked sick though. Not that slang "sick" that means cool, he looked like there was something physically wrong with him.

Something about one of Wolverine's memories stuck out to me. There was a picture of a naked Sabretooth killing a naked Silver Fox, but to cover up her nipples (which you probably couldn't have seen anyway), that part of her breasts (is it the top if she's on her back, or is the top always the part that faces the head, no matter how the body is positioned) was covered with blood. Also, her throat was being slashed and blood was coming up like a geyser. I never understood why blood, gore and violence are more acceptable than nudity, and why nipples are so scary. I'm not saying they needed to show her nipples, but if they're using her blood to hide them, why is that better? Well, here are some nipples.

And Sabretooth! I can't believe what happened to Sabretooth. What do you think about THAT?

Iron Man 20

-I've seen a helicarrier attack stuff before, but the one on the first page looks like it's coming out of Star Wars.

-Dugan has got himself a pair of brass ones.

-I know WWH is much more intelligent than normal Hulk, but the way he just stops destroying stuff and settles almost instantly into a civilized conversation with Dugan is just too funny.

-Hulk smiling is the creepiest thing on the face of the planet. New avatar?

-With Stark out of the way, SHIELD looks like it can handle itself. The only real intelligent thought about what to do with Hulk is coming from Dugan and his people.

-Extremis is so cool. You can like the man or not, but he's got nice toys.

Amazing Spider-Man 542

Loved it. Kingpin was so Kingpin-y and Angry Pete was so badass. On top of everything else, he picked Kingpin up by his skin and pimp slapped him about five thousand times. He literally smacked the spit out his mouth. The fight wasn't everything though, you have to read it. You have to.

*Cable & Deadpool 43*

Hilarious (and a bit gratuitous) as usual, even with Cable being dead and all. I fear for Bob and Weasel.

Black Panther 29


These are all Marvel, maybe I'll do DC and the rest of my comics later.
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  • random pic of naked Ollie.... shudders
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