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Wow, what an exciting episode. A combination of a mind-blowing visuals and a riveting chase scene makes 'The Jedi Who Knew Too Much' a great episode.

Admiral Tarkin leads the "investigation" of the Jedi Temple bombing and Ahsoka is quickly framed for the deadly event. When she realizes no one will believe her case, she tries to escape Tarkin's heavily fortified Republic facility. What follows is an electrifying and lengthy action sequence that provides some of the best visuals I've ever seen from the show.

The opening funeral service with Yoda was a wise way to begin the episode, but the next segment with Barriss Offee was the episode's only low point. Personally, I think these few bits of dialogue make it clear she's the bomber. I'd love for it to be Darth Maul (what else does the Emperor need him for?), but she appears to be the most likely option at the moment... or could we possibly see the return of Ventress?!

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I can't get over how brilliant the entire escape sequence looked. The detail in the facility was impressive -- from the giant statues to the memorial, it was a shockingly good segment. There were some great shots as Ahsoka flipped around the exterior with her lightsabers glowing and stun shots flying past her. Throw in heavy rainfall and this scene was ridiculously amazing and gripping. The lighting in the lower tunnels was superb, too.

This final story arc was off to a bit of a slow start but 'The Jedi Who Knew Too Much' kicks it into overdrive and provides an absolutely enthralling episode with beautiful animation. To top it off, it's also packed with a few delightful references -- 1313, anyone?

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1313, A New Hope, and the Fugitive! Awesome references!

However, I don't see Barriss as the bomber seeing that Ventress is going to appear in the last two episodes of the season, and let's not forget Maul is still alive... I also loved how the Empire theme is almost heard during several scenes. The visual of the Imperial Prison was awesome, showing a epic homage of the coming of the Empire!

Also, that scene with the droids was funny! An 'Imperial' version of C-3PO and R2-D2, brilliant!!!

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I checked iit out. I liked it. The speed of the action is second to none in this show. It really shows the advantage of cgi. I hate to make the comparison but the jedi dodging laser fire put the fight between sports master and devilray to shame in young justice in terms of speed. I also thought that there was a chance that the young jedi would be be shot since starwars has no problem killing off there characters.

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I fully agree about the visual quality being superb this ep but it was the quality of the facial animations is what really impressed me. You could see and feel the turmoil going on in Ahsoka just by looking at her eyes and I felt as if I was watching a live action film during the last conversation she had with Anakin. I do agree with you that Barriss was a low point and they needed too add more subtlety too her conversation with the others but we do see Ahsoka fighting Ventress on level 1313 with the red clones from the facility so it might not be completely out of the question that she was not responsible for the attack, my theory is that Palpatine plotting something to get Ahsoka out of the way and he's probably using Maul to get her killed so that he can lure Anakin too the darkside.

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Pretty intense episode. I love the interaction between Anakin and Tarkin. Ahsoka was amazing dodging and defecting everything that was coming at her as she made her escape. I'm really hoping Ahsoka doesn't die, as she's one of my favorite characters. But the way characters have been dying off in this season...

I'm still trying to see where Ventress might fall into this since she's technically not part of the war anymore.

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Great episode

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i enjoyed the chase, but I feel like Ashoka was making conclusions way too fast.

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Awesome Episode! Wow they are really getting the animation down. I am really into it.

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I'm hoping Ashoka turns dark. I'd love to see Ashoka go against ankain and see how ankain would react

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Why are there reviews on these cartoons but not on Arrow anymore?

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Great ep

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Man I really need to catch up. 3 seasons of catching up here we come!

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@Trevel8182 said:

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YES! Loved that bit!

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Fun stuff. Loved the episode!

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This whole episode felt like a prelude to what the whole Jedi Order would have to face during Order 66, from Tarkin quick to place the blame on the Jedi attitude, to how much energy and man power they put into catching, and almost killing, one Jedi, to just the fear and desperation in Ahsoka's drive to clear her name and to come to grips with the fact that no one will believe her.
This whole episode was visually beautiful and the chase scene was simply epic. Not to mention that I was shocked at how talented of a Jedi Ahsoka has become and it makes me wonder how the heck she's not a Jedi Knight yet.

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This is the best story arc yet

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@Loki2u said:

Why are there reviews on these cartoons but not on Arrow anymore?

IIRC it was Tony (or Sara) reviewing Arrow. The past few episodes have been really good so I'd be open to reviewing the show. It's a matter of how much traffic the reviews generate, though... I think Arrow reviews were stopped because traffic took a drop.

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Can't wait for the next ep! Only thing I really didn't like was the fact that no one could sense or question looking into surveillance for the other jedi/sith/attacker. Also, if I were Ahsoka I would have been like, "Oh, alright Anakin, I do trust you so I will come with you, but more than that, I have a lot of friends, i.e. the Jedi Counsel and I am sure they can determine if I am telling the truth or not."

So this is going to get picked up by Disney XD?

And as for Arrow, I'm digging Slade Wilson!

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Great episode the whole thing reminded me a bit of Force Unleashed 2.

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Amazing episode. However I too can't see Barriss be the bomber. One of the killed was clearly at least a good friend, maybe even her lover. I might see her as the one killing the bomber in revenge (although a stretch, since it doesn't fit her behaviour in the last few seasons at all), but she wouldn't frame someone else, doesn't seem at all her style or personality.

My guess is Palpatine used Maul to discredit the Jedi even further, increasing the rift between the clones/military and them.

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Waiting for the show to reach its climax, They're beating around the bush too much.

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We all Asoka will be found innocent,but i wouldnt be surprised if she is expelled by the Jedi Order.