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Should comic books include Religion. Personally, I think they should what about you?

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Punctuation, please. If you want someone to respond to your post seriously, you should try and make it as easy to read as possible.

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Nothing should be out of bounds for art, it's just a matter of having something meaningful to say about it and then doing it well. That's the case for everything, not just controversial or "sacred" topics.

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I dont care if they include religion. Frank Miller made Religion a big part of The Daredevil mythos

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They Do: TOAA, GEB, and The Presence.

Norse Gods, Greek/Roman Gods, any/every other division or categorization imaginable.

They SHOULD because otherwise, 'OP' ceases to exist; without them, No awesome characters really exist.

Abstracts, Entities, Heroes, Villains, etc... They are The comics.

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They do

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They do

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its obvious yes since it puts depth in characters. What does another alien race would believe or better yet what would happen if that character had a religion how would they react. the made up religion of other character Jedi Cybertronion belief on the all spark and a lot more.