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Starting January 18th, Edgar Rice Burroughs fans will be able to see one of his classic characters in a weekly webcomic format, Billy Bryne. Writer Ron Marz (WITCHBLADE) and artist Lee Moder (LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES) will bring THE MUCKER: THE ADVENTURES OF BILLY BYRNE back into the spotlight after a century in the shadows, and it will all be on the Edgar Rice Burroughs website.

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The Mucker is a unique story about the exploits of Burroughs’ only anti-hero – Billy Byrne, a brash and street tough from Chicago’s West Side – grounded in the harsh realities of life in the slums of the early 1900’s. Decades before Indiana Jones uncovered the Lost Ark and Rambo fought his personal guerrilla wars, the ruthless Mucker would find himself on whatever side of the law suited his savage nature, taking on crooked fight promoters, brutal gangsters, sinister kidnappers, ferocious headhunters and a femme fatale or two...“I grew up on the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs and, to a large extent, I'm the kind of writer I am because of Edgar Rice Burroughs,” said Ron Marz... “I'm following not only in his footsteps, but in those of so many other creators who have left their mark on these concepts and characters. My job is to make these stories worthy for existing fans and completely accessible for new fans.”

Make sure to check this book out when it debuts here on Saturday, January 18th.

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Will they ever collect these comics in trade?(don't like digital), but I want to read the Mucker and Korak the killer.

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This sounds pretty excellent.




Whats not to like?

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Muker not Mucker? It's been up for 2 days so maybe I'm missing something.

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I really liked the book. It was WAY a head of its time. I'll give this strip a go. I'm surprised no one has done a Mucker comic before actually?