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Remember that joke about the pre-pubescent child getting stabbed in the chest? Well... turns out the Bat Family is pretty torn up about that. Who knew? We've also got Amazonian on Vampire action. Things are getting steamy. ...You know you were thinking it too.

In this 20th episode of Real Books Don't Have Batman we review:

Wolverine #1 (1:24)

Alpha: Big Time #2 (2:34)

Demon Knights #18 (3:46)

Then on skype call we had Chris on to discuss

Batgirl #18 (7:36)

Batman & Robin #18 (10:48)

Batman #18 (13:16)

Chris's Marvel Minute:

Age of Ultron #2 (17:24)

Secret Avengers #2 (18:24)

Thor: God of Thunder #6 (19:04)

Uncanny X-Men #3 (20:12)

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>Blog claims ""real" books don't have Batman"

>guest blog reviews two Batman titles and a tie-9


---------->Excuse me, I've been on 4chan lately