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I hope there isn't a thread like this but I wanted to make a thread about WHAT OLD COMIC BOOK DID YOU RECENTLY PURCHASE FROM ELSEWHERE. 
While I was picking up my Wednesday comics, I looked in my shop's dollar bin and Found this and   found BATMAN #500

I thought a like like this would be worth more, but I couldn't pass this one.
So what old comic did you get recently?
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I bought the whole Chaos War Story arc from a friend last week...

And got Joker's Asylum I and II on Amazon..

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Iceman #4 (1985)

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All 37 issues of Garth Ennis' The Punisher Marvel Knights run.

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Is chaos war any good

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Already had a few of these old Spectre tales, slowly getting to the rest of them.
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Recently Cadillacs and Dinosaurs1 from Kitchen Sink Comics…and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs 1/ Topps 4 issue mini which looks like a reprint of an earlier arc, but both were fun. Also a run of Classic Valiants" Hard Corps" that was missing 2,3,and 15.This appears to be a long arc from 1-15 and I had enough copies to be able to enjoy the story but I would like to get 15 the ending.Also DC's "Ganthets Tale" one shot Prestige format about the origin of the Guardians written by Larry Niven and John Byrne.…

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