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So first off let me say, this story arc has been pretty fucking cool, love the idea of applying a conspiracy to super heroes.

So on page 16 we get our first shot of the infinity gems assembled in the gauntlet followed by Cap's attempt to push pack the other dimension earth to avoid collision and destruction of the universe...you know tuesday for super heroes. Like 3 or so pages later when Cap fails the gems all backfire and shatter save the time gem, which is the gem in the care of Cap. So when you compare the two pages 3 of the gems are completely different colors from the previous page. So was it on purpose as some kind of fore-shadowing technique as though he knew if he failed they would drop him from the Illuminati and go on to destroy a world to save their own so he used the mind gem and they just think the gems are destroyed and that's why they were different colors...or was it just the colorists mistake.