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My Christmas Tree Filled with Heroes.

In my home we don't decorate the tree with color coordinating glass balls, but a variety of decorations that have a history. Many had names of family members or the year of birth painted upon then of my mother, uncles, cousin, and brother. Nearly every year my among my Christmas gifts my mother has given me a tree ornament. Far more often these involve cartoon, comic, or movie characters. I always love these, and they give the tree so much personality.

This year I decided to take a picture of many of my favorite tree ornaments. My collection contains a majority of Batman and Spider-man ornaments. Many of these have lights and sound, but those don't show up well on camera. It's not that I wouldn't like some manga characters, but I can never find any of those. Which is just strange.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8Gallery image 9Gallery image 10Gallery image 11Gallery image 12Gallery image 13Gallery image 14

There was another Batman one not pictures. It was hard to get a good shot of it. It has Batman at the end of a string attached to a ledge. You pull down on the string, release, and he zooms back up to the ledge as if he's using the bat claw.

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thats just epic

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