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What superhero movie would you like to see made. who would play the hero and who would play the main villain.

Namor: played by Daniel Craig (new james bond)

Villain: All land-dwelling people

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Green Lantern: Nathan Fillion. Villain: Sinestro played by Tom Hardy

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Superman: Tom Welling (Smallville)

Batman: Christian Bale

Wonder Woman: Jessica Belie

Aquaman: Paul Walker (Varsity Blues)

Black Lightning: Tyrese Gibson (Transformers)

Martain Manhunter:? (CPA)

Black Canary: Sarah Michelle Geller

Flash: (Smallville Flash)

Green Lantern: Mathew Mcconaughey

Lex Luthor: (Smallville)

Gorilla Grodd: (CPA)

Giganta: Chyna (WWE)

Joker: Jack Nicholson or maybe Heath Ledger

Sinestro: Tom Hardy

Parasite: Batista (WWE)

Black Manta: The black dude from Spawn (Jhai White)

Despero: Vin Diesel